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Weekly Wrap 20/01/24 – 26/01/24

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Betting Brainiac

A pair of winners and a pair of places this week with NO TACKLE the pick of his winners at 10/1 while JENSON BENSON managed a 2nd at Chelmsford for a bit of place profit. Not a bad start from brainiac so far!

Backwards Bob

Put these back into the bot for longer term monitoring. Lay services can be a scary thing when they aren’t performing and I just want to see more live data before I bring him back into punthub.


Twenty one winners in the bag this week and its another steady step forward for the service. Brighton v Wolves draw the pick of his litter this week with 3.33 points returned. Johnstone v Aberdeen also a good one with 2.21 returned. +35 for the season so far and its steady along the way for the football service.


38/51 this week for the dog lays and its a case of the curse of me once again as just when I think things are rolling along steady there’s a small step back to speak of. Not much of a loss this week to speak of and with the service still  +49 for the month its been a solid return and there’s plenty of profit in the back as we head to month end.

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BlackBox Win/Place Betfair Service

Six solid winners as the win / place service cleans up at Meydan! STAR OF MYSTERY  the headline winner from his 4 at Meydan with the 5 point staked tip returning 11.52. It’s pushed the service onto a 15 point profit for the month and 125 points profit overall. A level stakes sheet has popped up showing the service at 29.26% ROI from 84 bets, where the 1-8 staking method he employs shows slightly less at 28.5%. The biggest point here being that level stakes is just as good if not ever so slightly better, so for those that just want to put a bet on and not worry about £5 here £3 there, this still works and works very well.

With Cheltenham just round the corner this service, betting in top level racing, looks strong.

Premium Tipsters

xCloudBot Results

Strategy Sum of Stake Sum of Profit
Bobby Bets (£2) 44 30.88
CP System 9 -9
Ernie Lay 38 10.6
GreyWins 85 -40.5
Little Lays 4 0.15
Greyhound Lay 51 -3.41
Backwards Bob Lays 5 -0.66
SF System 27 2.12
TPT 18 8.79
Grand Total 281 -1.03



Info Racing

Nothing in the bag this week for Info.

The Bookies Enemy:

Four winners and a winning double this week as Gary starts picking up the winners to build some month end profit! Al Marmar top of the pile this week with 16.8 points profit at Chelmsford while Grant Wood knocked in a tidy 12 points profit at Southwell.

+31 for the month and its looking like a profit to start 2024 off on the right foot. A great start to the year for Gary and his following.

Hanbury Racing:

No winners this week, Richard did manage a place though with Zeeband  coming 3rd at 66/1 for a profit.

29 points down for January after an 86 point loss in December, his last winner coming on the 15th December with Cepage at 6/1. Things are pretty tough for Hanbury racing right now, we all hope a big winner is imminent. I know from experience it can be hard to see light at the end of the tunnel when none of your bets seem to win but this is what Hanbury does and then finds the odd big winner.

I do still feel there needs to be more consistency from the service overall.

The Bet Professor:

No winners this week from just a couple of days betting as TBP returns to action once again. Only -13 and two winners will erase that so no concerns here.

Wedge Winners:

Eight winners this week for Wedges. Ballycamus and Green Power tied with 5 point winners each. Loaded Gun following behind with 4 points returned.

-12 for January and it looks like a losing start to 2024 for Wedges, it’ll put an end to a 6 month winning run. Its a marathon and not a sprint though and hopefully this year will return plenty more profit.


At last a winner and Bergamasco returned a much needed 6 points profit to keep the service in profit for the month. HRN does have these patches from time to time and while its tempting to just knock it on the head if you just keep your cool it’ll all work out!

+12 for the month, after such a great start its a fairly underwhelming finish (at the moment anyway), but the point is that it’s profit once again for HRN who just keeps pumping out winning months. +12 is 12 more than nothing.

Hopefully a bigger/better month for February coming up!

Jan 2024:

Premium Tipster
January 2024 Summary
Tipster Betting On Points Staked Points Profit ROI Strike Rate
HRN Horses 35 12 34.29% 17.14%
The Bookies Enemy Horses 130 31.02 23.84% 20.83%
Info Racing Horses 28.00 5.45 19.46% 35.71%
Wedge Winners Horses 82 -13 -15.62% 24.39%
Hanbury Racing Horses 57 -29.00 -50.88% 11.11%
The Bet Professor Horses 13 -13.00 -100.00% 0.00%
Totals: 345 -6.34 -1.84%

View the results here

What to watch?

Bookies Enemy

A good week this time out has really helped his month total and at +31 for the month its wiped away a poor return for December. Hopefully this month will set Gary going the right way for the remainder of the year!

Black Box Alt

A flurry of winners at Meydan really helped the Alt service get a mention. STAR OF MYSTERY the highlight of his winners and its helped the service to a 15 point profit for the month.

Winner of the week

Gary takes bragging rights this week with Al Marmar returning 16.8 points profit for Bookies Enemy followers! A great winner thats helped him on his way to a solid return this month.

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