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The Sunday Supplement 23/06/24

Welcome to The Sunday Supplement by PuntHub. 

The Supplement offers a ‘no filter’ weekly roundup of all Punthub tipsters and runs Saturday To Friday, meaning Yesterday is the start of next week’s roundup.

Weekly Wrap 15/06/24 – 21/06/24

We start by rounding up the weeks current free tipsters:

Horse HQ

Three in the bag this week 2 of which forming up a 100% day for Horse HQ. Frank The Spark returned 3.33 Al Sayah returned 1.5 making for the clean sweep Saturday! Had a few people on telegram chasing for the days selections so a positive sign.

Fire And Forget

OOOH LORDY! Another good week for F&F and his five winners this time out put him within touching distance of a profit overall. Savannah Smiles the easy pick of his winners with 14.45 points returned as F&F gets up to 28 points profit for the month. Been a very good June for him so far after a less than impressive return last month.

Away Lays Portfolio

High price winners have slowed progress between AL 2 and 3 this week as both services lose ground this time out, Marathon not a sprint though and both systems are proven historically.

The Morning Line

Thirteen winners this week and a BSP whopper makes the headlines for ML. Sea Prince the big one this time out at a huge 45 BSP. Currently sits -35.55 to bsp for June, but up 136 points to BSP overall. Add to that they are fully automated via xcloudbot and it seems a no brainer to me.

Triple Threat Lays

11/14 this week for TTL and +6.04 as the lays hold on to a profit. Plus 8 overall after 295 bets.


Firstly a bit of good news: After discussion between ourselves we felt PassMaster is a good fit to just be a continually free service, meaning PassMaster is here to stay and forever free.

Fifteen winners this week and a good draw the highlight as per usual. Scotland v Switzerland the one returning a solid 2.05 points profit. No movement overall for the forever free service but still good to have some year round footy to go at!

Now we move onto the Premium Tipster roundup

Bookies Enemy

+20 something to -4 this week as Gary has a less than ideal week. Running Lion the pick of his 3 winners this week and a healthy return of 11 points from the winner.

-4 after such a strong profit will burn a little.

Gary has decided to take a week off and give himself a short break from tipping, plus some time to dissect the service and see where it can improve going forward because at the moment it’s a bit average.

Hanbury Racing

Place money the flavour this week for Richard with Accidental Rebel  the pick of them achieving a 66/1 3rd place.

The Bet Professor

Couple of winners this week from Mr quiet. Tachos  and Hidden Land returned 4.5 points profit each. Sitting within touching distance of a profit this month.

Wedge Winners

Four winners and a whole lot of post hitting this week from Wedges. Countess Ciara the pick of them with 10 points profit at Nottingham.


Nothing to mention this week but a few close calls this time out that would’ve made a big difference had they gone in. It will come around no problem.

What To Watch?

Here we take a look at what seems to be performing well this week and point them out to watch next week. I will again remind you that yesterdays results are the start of next weeks roundup..


Looking strong this week as the free trial makes more progress as we come to month end. At +28 he’s almost wiped out that tetchy first month he had and has done himself the world of good with another strong winner this week with  Savannah Smiles returning 14.45

Horse HQ

3 winners this week and two coming in one day to form up a super Saturday for free trial club followers.  Frank The Spark returned 3.33 Al Sayah returned 1.5 paired up and while they weren’t huge prices winners are winners and profit is profit!

Winner of the Week

Morning Line takes it with a huge 45 point bsp winner when  Sea Prince was first over the line at Worcester. A massive BSP winner!

Before you go..

if you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed it and find it insightful, please feel free to leave any feedback you may have using the comments section below!

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  1. Graham McLaine

    Hi Quite interested in your services, especially your automated ones.
    . A quick query, can your automated services bet below the Betfair minimum?
    Thank you
    Graham Mclaine

    1. admin

      Evening Graham,
      Sorry for the late reply – The answer is yes, both of the bots can go all the way down to 1p stakes if you wish.

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