Keeping Accounts Open

Reduce the risk of having your bookie accounts being banned

•I say risk, because this is a risky business, especially where bookies are concerned, and what we aim to do is reduce the risk of having your accounts banned.

•I’ll be the first to admit that registering with bookies is a real pain in the b-jesus, but if you want to stay in the game you have to stay ahead of the bookies, so what to do.

•The mistake that many people make is use one account in the bookie, then get banned. Register another account in someone else’s name then get banned from that too all from the same network IP address.

•First use more than one computer at a time, I use four, two desktops and two laptops. They don’t need to be mega expensive machines, but if they are then that is a bonus as they’ll be quick.

•Have a fast internet connection, I use Virgin 160Mbps, it’s worth it, plus you get good speed on video streaming, free TV et al.

•Set your computers up so they appear from different locations and you need to employ strategies so your accounts don’t get linked in anyway. Use Proxies, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or my favourite Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), or a combination. You’ll need one less virtual solution than the bookie accounts that you have, as you have your own network that you can use as well.

•Only ever use one set of bookies for one persons name at each networked work station solution, if you don’t you’ll get caught, simple. This also includes emails as you IP is recorded against these too.

•Before you start staking a penny, use as many different bookies as possible. Register with all of them at least three but as many as five accounts for each bookie. This will take you a few weeks to do, I know I did it, but it really is worth it.

•Spread all of your bets across multiple accounts for the same bookie where possible. Especially where you have you have a number of bets for one bookie in a day. The first thing the bookies are doing is looking for the top earning accounts, then they’ll start investigating those accounts, we want to stay away from the top earning account list!! The idea here is to look like your average punter.

•Don’t use the same password where you have multiple account in one bookie. While they might not be able to know you password, for security reasons, they can still check the password hash to see if it is duplicated in their database. If they are, then it can be assumed the accounts are linked. Especially if you use a family member to create accounts and they have the same last name as you or they live in the same city.

•Don’t get confused with which account is on which virtual network solution you have used. To help with this create a persona for each. I use planets in our solar system. For example, one machine is called Jupiter, another is called Uranus etc.. when I use Jupiter I log in to my VPS, I always use Jupiter’s email address, my account name is identified with jup_accountname my password is jupiter_password etc..
•So all in all you are basically many people, keep each one separate.

•When you win big in an account, put that account on rest for as long as you can. I use a simple one page spreadsheet to keep track of each bookie account that shows the points I am up or down this month.

•You will know the bookie send you a whole heap of marketing emails. Use them, especially the one’s where you are enticed to use casinos. Don’t use your money though, just use the free offers. Most of the time you’ll just lose, but the point is, casinos are the best source of revenue for bookies and they want people to use those service. Because they’ll generally lose and the bookie is quids in! This will give your account brownie points and more free bees too! Make them think their marketing is working.

•Cookies! Not the biscuit variety, but the browser variety.

If you setup your virtual environments correctly you shouldn’t have too much problem with cookies as you’ll be viewed as a separate person anyway.

However for those chancers’ out there that don’t bother with various virtual environment then you need to be very on top of the cookie game.

The bookies are very clever here, They will be using super persistent cookies tracking method. When you delete your cookies they are really not deleted at all. How you might ask? They can save your cookie data in an image that is in your image cache, very smart stuff.

Trick is, when you finished with a bookie, log out and close all browser tabs. Then delete all cookies and use all the options to remove data, including your browser history and data.

•Use an ad block product in your browser and set your browser so that 3rd party cookies are disabled. You don’t want anyone sharing anything with anyone else.

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