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Free Trials

Backwards Bob

8/10 this week as the lay trial gets underway from Backwards Bob. +2 as the trial just gets started but its a good start which is usually not the case when a new service joins PuntHub. You can follow backwards bob’s progress by joining the free trial club here.


A whopping 33 winners in the bag this week from PM but not much forward momentum this week after a midweek stutter. A draw between Livingston v Johnstone returned 2.16 and a draw between Coventry City v Swansea  returned a solid 3.14.

+31 for the month.

Endzone AI

Gameweek 16 marked a small step back in the right direction as the losses come down slightly with eight winners in the bag. Tampa Bay Buccaneers returned .9 and Las Vegas Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs  returned another .9 points profit.

-5 as we head into gameweek 17, hopefully things can continue to go the right way!


Been tough for the Greyhound lays over the Christmas period and maybe there’s a lesson to be learnt here regarding the festive period and greyhound racing.

-42 for December, trial sits -18 overall. A service with such good long term results should bounce back well from what’s been a tough month!

Rated Picks

No winners this week and not much by the way of bets once again from Rated. Probably just continuing to tick things over.

BlackBox Alternative Method (win/place)

Only a couple of days worth of bets this week but boy has he banged them in! GRANGECLARE WEST was a monster of a winner returning 27 points profit but was outdone by an absolutely huge winner when JANGO BAIE knocked in a whopping 59 points profit at Aintree

+77 for the month after just a couple of days of bets! What a fantastic return over the festive period!

Black Box Betting:

QUEL DESTIN the only winner this week for BBR main and at 7.5 points profit its enough to keep the service in profit and hopefully breaking his 3 month losing run. +10 for the month and +17.99 overall. Needs a good January to get back going again.

Premium Tipsters

xCloudBot Results

Strategy Sum of Stake Sum of Profit
Bobby Bets 48 -20.00
CP System 7 -3.65
Ernie Lay 12 12.00
GreyWins 100 21.45
Level Up Lays 5 5.00
Greyhound Lays 37 -16.80
Norms Lays 123.47 3.01
SF System 22 -4.52
TPT 9 -3.52
Grand Total 363.47 -7.03


Info Racing

Returns to the supplement and with two solid winners in the bag on Boxing day. Goldinthemountains a solid winner returning 16.8 points profit and the clear pick of his pair of winners. -7 for December and with some luck another trip to the winners circle will see the info racing lads into a profit.

The Bookies Enemy:

Two winners and some place money in what’s been a better outing for Gary this time around. Have You A Minute returned 3.5 and Amazing knocked in 4 points profit. It was place money that returned the most though with Grant Wood coming 3rd for a 5.6 point profit.

Hanbury Racing:

No winners this week.

The Bet Professor:

Nothing in the bag this week for TBP. +10 for December means its likely another winning month secured, and hopefully a couple of winners to come before the month is out!

Wedge Winners:

Eight winners for the week and Wedges is having a solid end to the month. Elogio a good winner at Wetherby returning 5.5 points profit and Ezmerellda in the winners circle returning 4.5. December looking good to end in a profit at +17 for the month. Six back to back winning months and Wedges really turned a corner in the second half of 2023.


Two winners this week and its enough to keep HRN on course to record a strong profit to end 2023 on. Elogio and Cosmos Raj both in the winners circle with 5.5 points profit each.

+40.5, an excellent return for Mr consistency. Just two losing months all year. Join here and get your first 2 weeks for £1!

How’re the months results looking?

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What to watch?


steady, consistent and reliable. HRN looks set to end the month with a profit as the service holds firm at 40 points profit for the month. It’s not just about the short term here because HRN gets a mention for such a solid year in which he made over 250 points profit, a whopping £2,500 to £10 stakes. Follow him in 2024- get your first 2 weeks for just £1 here.

Black Box Alt

Not many bets but no one will care when you knock in as much profit as you do. At +77 for the month the returns over the last couple of days have been nothing short of sensational. A massive 27 point winner was outdone and is……….

Winner of the week

WOTW for BBR’s win place method. JANGO BAIE at Aintree returning a huge 59 points profit! What a winner! Follow BBR’s alt method and all our free trials by joining the free trial club here.

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