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Weekly Wrap 26/08/23 – 01/09/23

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Thirteen winners this week and still its not quite enough to keep BS from drifting into the red overall after a profit for August. Landofsmiles the pick of the handful of winners this week with 6.66 points profit while Brideswell Lad returned 2.94 at Wexford.

-10 for September after the first couple of days.

The Football Bible:
More like a short story these days.
Hopefully this service will grow to become a mainstay football service.
For the sake of results it’ll be split into two parts (lays & backs), see below:


A string of 6 solid winning lays was broken but the good run meant money in the bank for followers, PSV – Rangers providing 6 goals to make sure that the profit was secured while AFC Fylde – Altrincham also provided another 6 goals meaning easy pickings for the lay followers


3/7 for the over 1.5 service this week and once again were seeing the backs struggle to progress. Ostersund – Trelleborg Over 1.5 goals 1.27 odds 2-2 WIN Juventus – Bologna Over 1.5 goals 1.32 odds 1-1 WIN providing the best of the profit at .67 returned.

Over 2.5 faired much better this time out with nearly a full house, AFc Fylde – Altrinchman Over 2.5 1.70 odds 3-3 WIN providing the biggest win at .70 returned.

Black Box Betting:

Three winners for the week with Spirit Dancer in the winners at York  while RED RIDING HOOD added to the good start to the month with 11 points profit returned at Curragh. A solid pair of winners helps Phil end August +21 with a 30% ROI.

Black Box looks pretty good after 2 months trial: Averaging 20+ profit per month with overall ROI at 37%, more impressive that he’s only betting in top level racing not grade 4 handicaps. Looks a solid weekend / festival service and we’re hopeful September can complete his trial.

Premium Tipsters

Info Racing:

Pinyon Jay was the highlight as the info Racing boys once again delivered the booms with a lovely 4/1 winner to start the month off! The Waiting Game got in on the action too with a 2.2 point winner wrapping the month up on a high!

Ended August +62.54 for the month or a whopping £625 up for August to £10 stakes, a huge 95% ROI.. Seriously, seriously impressive.

Price to new members has now gone up to £34.99 which is still absolutely worth every penny based on the rate of winners / ROi & profit being churned out.

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The Bet Bench

Fresh from last weeks acca landing the Bet bench went in search of another, but came up short.
Athens dominated the game but somehow lost 2-1
Legia went 1-0 up only to end 1-1 to let down another bet

5 Bets placed so far, 1 winner and +27. Solid start

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Industry Insider:

2 bets 2 losers this week, unraced King of the Bronx losing 10 lengths at the start was a little frustrating but these things happen. August ends 14 bets, 50% returned a profit, +24.9 with a huge 96% ROI

“We go again in September, committed to only backing the value and remaining disciplined. Our strategy is laser-focused and proven, and as you’ve likely noticed, fewer selections have led to increased profits and a more robust ROI.

The game plan is simple: keep the same process and churn out profit, month after month. We’re not here for a good time; we’re here for a long time, and the numbers speak for themselves.”

The Bookies Enemy:

Two Frustrating months were put to bed with a pretty solid return for August as Gary knocks in an 11 point winner to start September off on the right foot. American Affair the winner in question at Carlisle making sure that September starts off well while August ended really well on +23 for the month.

Hanbury Racing:

Nothing in the bag this week for Richard. Very Excellent came Very Close returning a 2nd place at a whopping 40/1. A shame the tip couldn’t quite manage it!

The Bet Professor:

He’s made his return but unfortunately not a winning one, his only tip Fayasel failing to produce.

Wedge Winners:

Thirteen winners for the week and its a profitable end to the month for Wedge winners who manages back to back winning months for the first time this year. Brideswell Lad the pick of his winners coming on the first day of September returning 8 points profit at Wexford

Ended August +10 and back to back profitable months for the service. A sign that things are finally on the up consistently?


It’s been a fantastic month for HRN, with 5 more good price winners and a whopping 54 points profit in the bag for the month. Candleford returning 14 points profit from 2 staked and Spirit Dancer also in on the action in the same day with another 11 points added at York

Over 146 points profit in 3 months from a service that is proven to be consistently profitable long term. Joining this service is an absolute no brainer!

Use Code: ‘winner‘ and get 50% off your first subscription here:

How’re the months results looking?

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Absolutely sensational form these last 3 months and with an incredible 54 points profit in the bag this month its meant followers are up over 146 points profit in the last 3. Some solid winners in the bag this week to add to that and wrap up a really good month. HRN is proven long term profitable and incredibly consistent: Just one losing month this year and over 1000 points profit since the start of 2020.

Use Code: ‘winner‘ and get 50% off your first subscription here:

Info Racing:

13 Points profit from 6 bets this week ends a very solid August, September starting off as August left off with a 4/1 winner from two bets. Max 2 bets a day and solid profit / ROI, Info racing look every part a top tipster.

Black Box Racing

A good mention for Phil this week with 16 points profit from 14 bets, rounding off a 2nd solid month in a row for his trial. So far we’ve seen 92 bets from Phil and operating at 37% ROI is hugely impressive. Provided no huge tail off in September the trial should be a success. Follow Phils bets here.

Winner of the week is..

The Bet Bench

The new football service landed a solid 4-fold last Saturday (mentioned in last weeks roundup), they take top spot with their 17/1 acca getting them off to a solid start, hopefully more winning acca’s to come!

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