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Weekly Wrap 03/02/24 – 09/02/24

Before we dive fully into the roundup I want to plant a seed:
I’ve long been of the opinion betting with bookmakers is just dead. Following good tipsters like we try our hardest to offer only leads to account closures and restrictions to the degree of not getting more than £1 on.
I would like to be at a point by the end of 2024 that we have a solid betfair based portfolio. he idea being you can take one or multiple parts.
Black Box alt has been running since early October and looks solid at level stakes (and his fluctuating stake), Greylays has been running 4 months, Tennis is new but looking profitable, and there’s some horse lays in the bot that I will bring on board at some stage once there’s room.
This would provide a multi-sport, multi-part portfolio for those banned from bookmakers and looking to succeed in betting. It’s a long term plan and we aren’t there yet but I wanted to plant that seed and make you all aware what we, as a platform, are working towards with our audience in mind.

Free Trials

Top Spin Tips AKA Tennis Tits.

Joins the club this week off the back of Sky launching a new tennis channel and has really hit the ground running. Thirty one winners from thirty seven bets this week and a very steady 10 points profit to show for it this time out. Daria Kasatkina winning the pick of the winners this week returning 0.84.

+10 so far. The strike rate looking particularly strong at 83%. You can follow Top spin and all our other free trials by joining the free trial club here.

Betting Brainiac

Just the one winner this week as BB has a bit of a barren spell. PERFECTLY TIMED the only tip in the winners at Kempton returning 1.88.

February to date showing a 6 point loss after a good start to his trial in the backend of January, the overall now stands at -1. Hopefully he won’t be out the winners circle for long and can get his trial up and running.


Thirty four winners this week and Pass Master continues to grow at a comfortable and steady pace. FSV Mainz 05 v Berlin draw a very clear standout at 2.35 points profit and Casa Pia v Boavista draw also good value at 2.45 points profit.

Passmaster is currently operating at a commendable 8% ROI to betfair prices, it’s important not to compare football or tennis to horses because how often does a 5/1 underdog win in football or tennis? Nowhere near as often as a horse priced 5/1 or above wins.

Had a comment this week about the amount of bets from the service and this prompted a discussion, I don’t think the way in which a service makes its profit is an issue so long as the profit is actually made. Obviously for some its effort vs reward and if you think its too much you can always automate! Use the Football bot here and get the Passmaster profit without lifting a finger!


45/53 and its been a tough start with a bit of loss to overcome but the dog lays are once again building a profit for the month with a 15 lay run over the last couple of days.

We now have 4 months of data and we’re beginning to see a bit more of a picture as to what the service is, let’s keep building results.

+5.4 for February with 60 out of 72 for the month, an 83% strike rate.

Automate the greyhound lays with our bot here and make money without lifting a finger! £1 for 14 days here

BlackBox Win/Place Betfair Service

Two winners this week and a bit of a swing from the Alt service this week with GALOPIN DES CHAMPS and LIARI  the only winners this week. Following from the Passmaster conversation, Blackbox has a very swingy method of staking that will produce huge profits but then the losing runs means you will lose big also. A 35 point swing this week and a good argument to be made for a more steady level stakes method… Which has produced 19 points from 105 bets, for a level stakes bsp ROI of 14.74% – very respectable.

I’m really hoping the win place service can knock in a few more winners in the run up to Cheltenham to cement his position in my mind as a core part of the portfolio.

Premium Tipsters

xCloudBot Results

Strategy Sum of Stake Sum of Profit
Bobby Bets (£2) 22 -16.96
CP System 10 12
Ernie Lay (£2) 32 20.8
GreyWins 94 8.23
Little Lays 3 3
Greyhound Lays 55 5.55
Backwards Bob 4 4
SF System 25 -6.3
TPT 22 -22
Grand Total 267 8.32



Info Racing

No bets this week, seems to have gone from betting most days to barely betting at all.

Despite January being a 3rd losing month in a row (October a saving grace from 5 losing months on the spin at just +1), February stands at +3 and the overall is still respectable at 17% ROI, but it really does need to start moving forward and soon.

I hope for all involved he can get this moving and still be here in 6 months time.

The Bookies Enemy:

Two winners, a winning double and a place this week and Gary has held his hands up this week and admitted he’s had a tougher week this time round due to looking for bigger prices. Laheg and Dear My Friend combining for a  5.88 point profit.

January was decent, +25, February sits just the wrong side of zero at -2.77

Hanbury Racing:

A winner and trio of places this week for Richard as he takes a well deserved break (until Tuesday). Saint Davy his 8/1 winner at Sandown. Yeats Star managed a pretty unlucky 3rd place at Leopardstown after being hampered and checked after a mile but stayed on well at 25/1. Still a solid place! Cool Survivor was a cool 16/1 place, and to top them all off Battle March was a whopping 66/1 place.

All of that leaves Richard +20 for February and that will be a massive weight off his shoulders, which lately will feel like the world is on them.

Enjoy the break Richard, we all wish you well.

The Bet Professor:

Only a couple of bets and no winners this week from TBP. +2 for Feb after just 6 bets this month.

Wedge Winners:

Seven winners for the week and a couple at slightly bigger prices helping things along. Harper’s Brook returning 4 points profit and Barricane also returning 4 points profit at Huntingdon. -6 for the month and after a small loss last month too you’d hope wedges would start picking up points and moving the right way. 7 winners from 33.

One thing I always wonder with wedge is that has the oddsmaking landscape changed to a point that he’s being priced out of the market in terms of actual value? Imagine what was a 2/1 shot a couple of years ago is now being priced at 13/8, you’re losing best part of .4 on every bet.

Just a thought.


Been a quiet one for HRN this week with just one winner but very little by the way of bets this week. Hara Kiri the only winner this week returning 6 points profit.

One winner from eight bets, a slow start but only -1 for the month so far. Nothing to write home about.

Jan 2024:

Premium Tipster
February 2024 Summary
Tipster Betting On Points Staked Points Profit ROI Strike Rate
Hanbury Racing Horses 22 20.40 92.73% 36.36%
Info Racing Horses 4.00 3.30 82.50% 100.00%
The Bet Professor Horses 6 2.00 33.33% 33.33%
The Bookies Enemy Horses 34 -2.77 -8.05% 22.22%
HRN Horses 8 -1 -12.50% 12.50%
Wedge Winners Horses 33 -7 -20.06% 21.21%
Totals: 107 15.31 14.26%

View the results here

What to watch?


+45 for the season and PM is looking like a service with steady growth despite the amount of bets being an issue for some. Its been a steady ride with some really smart bets in the mix and many have enjoyed it. Remember too you can avoid all the effort and automate it with our football bot here!

Top Spin tips

Hit the ground running and already generating plenty of chatter, Top spin looks like an instant hit off the back of a members suggestion. Its been waiting in the wings for a while and at +10 for the month since the service started it looks like a great time to have started the service.

Top Spin is on the free trial club, join here and follow along!

Winner of the week

No wotw this time out.

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