The Sunday Supplement 10/12/2023

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Free Trials


Another new service in as we continue to bolster the free trial club with a diverse array of services. 44 winning bets this week as the new football tipster looks to be be a very active service, Genoa v Empoli Draw was a solid 2.4 point winner. West Ham v C Palace was another solid winner returning 2.6.

Previous 10 seasons all look steady (profit all 10 seasons) and+10.65  for the first week is a solid start. Get on board here.

Endzone AI

Game week 13 returned seven winners this time out and the Atlanta Falcons won for the best return of his winners with 0.67 points return. Lost a bit of ground this week with a -0.08 loss overall to overturn. Some very close calls I’d add: Titans +1.5 lost to a late touchdown in overtime, Chiefs were way below par (they’ve struggled of late) but missed their chance to retain the #1 seed in the AFC. I also read back over some ‘expert’ predictions for the Bengals game and all expected them to get pumped, they pulled off the W in overtime.

All in a bit of a drab week and hopefully the AI learns more for week 14.


Absolutely standout once again this week…. was what I had lined up for all this till a rogue day came and ruined all of that and turned a solid profit for the week into a loss. Gutted. Five lays let us down in a day and means the service now has a 5 point loss to overturn this month. it emphasises how difficult laying is but the system still shows a 177 point profit from 2715 lays as of Sunday morning, so hope is not lost for a solid lay service in the long term.

Rated Picks

Only a couple of days of betting this week but a good winner to show for it at least. RAMON DI LORIA in the winners circle and an 8 point profit to show for it. -2 overall, Been a bit patchy lately and some consistent betting may well get this trial going.

BlackBox Alternative Method (win/place)

Not much action this week but a hefty winner in the bag for the win place service. FARREN GLORY thumping in a massive 27 points profit from 5 points staked at Fairyhouse. +18 for the month after that big winner!

Draw Bias

No selections this week, back next week.

Black Box Betting:

Some Action at the weekend from Phil but not the sort of action we’d all like. 3 bets with just a place to show for his efforts. -12 for November and just a place to get December started. +7.9 overall and a losing month for December will mean four on the spin. Improvement needed for a service that once looked top drawer it’s now looking a bit dismal.

Premium Tipsters

xCloudBot Results

Strategy Total
Bobby Bets (£2) 6.64
CP System -3.00
Horses4Courses 5.89
Irish Angle (£2) -9.80
Level Up Lays 4.00
GreyLay -4.85
SF System -0.99
StatMan -8.00
Grand Total -10.11


Summary: Bobby system is great and seems consistent, Level up also consistent. Irish is dismal, not a good week for Greylays either, and StatMan showing no signs of improvement at the moment.


The Bet Bench

A couple of winners this week but not enough to keep the service from slipping to an overall loss.
Ujpest v Paks at 11:45 Match winner Paks the pick of his winners returning 3.24 points profit.

The Bookies Enemy:

Back after a break and with 3 winners and a place to show for his efforts this time out. Tyger Bay the pick of them at 3.5 points profit, Rust E Boy was good for 3 points profit with a place at Southwell.

-0.40 for December so far. Ended November +15

Hanbury Racing:

Nothing in the bag this week for Richard.

The Bet Professor:

Just the one winner this week but an absolute thumper. Begoodtoyourself adding a whopping 14 points profit to the pot with a win at Carlisle. +34 for November and +10 for December. A good start to the month for TBP!

Wedge Winners:

Nr’s causing absolute havoc this week and just one winner this time out for Wedges. Cash Back returning 1.5 points profit. -2.5 for December and hopefully less NR’s will mean more winners next time out.


Three winners this week and a strong start to December at +20 so far this month. Guard The Moon  top of the list this time out with 12 points profit at Bangor-On-Dee. Dr T J Eckleburg also a good winner with 8 points in the bag.

+17.5 for December, +6 for November and hopefully this month will see a strong end to what’s been a solid year overall!

How’re the months results looking?

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What to watch?


Steady all year and just two losing months in 2023 HRN will be looking to sign off strong in December. It’s a good start too with 17.5 points on the board and some good winners to shout about. Its not a huge profit but its consistent and it makes for a steady bank growth. Many have stuck with HRN for its consistency, join them and get 2 weeks for a quid here

The Bet Professor

A solid Month last time out has followed on to a good Start for December with profit already in the bag as we run up to the Christmas shut down. His 14 point winner Begoodtoyourself  the only winner this week but in a very light week of bets.

Bet prof is a solid service and has been strong all year with consistent profits and only one small losing month. An absolute must follow and very underrated, Get your first month half price here!


New to the trial sheet and with a good first week. Plenty of bets from the service and with 10 points profit on the board its a very good start to the trial. You can join the free trial club here and follow along with what will hopefully be a solid football service!


Winner of the week

The Bet Prof nearly got it but this week the bragging rights go to Black box’s win place service with 27 point winner FARREN GLORY at Fairyhouse. A fantastic winner!

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