The Sunday Supplement – 07/01/24

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Weekly Wrap 30/12/23 – 05/01/24

Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! For me it was mostly about recovering as the 4 of us all took it in turns with Norovirus and then a stinking cold and cough which is also now going round.

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Backwards Bob

14 losers this week and Backwards bob neither going forwards or backwards this time out. 0.1 point profit and 1.12 up overall.


25 winners for the week and a couple of bad days really scuppered what was some strong progress earlier in the week. West Ham v Brighton  draw the pick of the bunch returning 2.7.

+25 overall. A slight step back after what was looking like a good week. Service was +37 on the 2nd of January

Endzone AI

Nine winners and were back going the wrong way. Atlanta Falcons @ Chicago Bears Total Match Points – Over 37.5 a good winner returning .9 but his other selections while winning didn’t return much. -6.9 going into gameweek 18


I don’t wish to curse it so i’ll say nowt, +9 for January.

Rated Picks

No bets this week.

BlackBox Alternative Method (win/place)

After an excellent December no joy to start of 2024 with all his bets so far losing. -16 for the month and not much action with the poor quality of racing.

Black Box Betting:

Nothing in the bag to end the year although did manage to find a small profit for December at +6.89

Premium Tipsters

xCloudBot Results

Strategy Sum of Stake Sum of Profit
Bobby Bets 42 36.3
CP System 14 -14
Ernie Lay 16 5.5
GreyWins 90 40.28
Little Lays 1 1
GreyLays 30 17.2
Backwards Bob 24 -11.45
SF System 14 2.46
TPT 14 -2.84
Grand Total 245 74.45


A very good week on the bot for Bobby and Greyhound win bets as well as GreyLays finally going the right way again after a disastrous December.


Info Racing

A solid end to 2023 was met with a good start to 2024 with I Will Be Baie returning 2.75 at Fairyhouse and Ballycoose first past the post at Ayr returning another 4 points profit. +4.75 and it’s a small profit but a good start for the service. I really hope he can get going again after a couple of below par months because he was at one stage solid.

The Bookies Enemy:

Three lovely winners finally came along for Gary and they’re all much needed! New York Bay  was a chunky one returning 14 points profit but Cargin Bhui out did it and returned 16 points profit. Hopeful  the 3rd of the winners returning 5.5 and making for a solid return over the last couple of days and a big boost to the bank for his following!

Hanbury Racing:

Sadly no winners to report again this week. Hoping Richard finds a nice one soon!

The Bet Professor:

Little by the way of action this week and no winners to speak of. Finished the year with only one minor losing month and over 200 points profit, consistent and steady being key factors to the service.

Wedge Winners:

2023 was a tale of two halves for the Wedges. First 6 months finished -34, while the 2nd half of the year provided a tidy 112 points profit. It goes to show that betting is a long term game and giving up on something a week because it’s barely had a winner is utterly stupid. I hope he can continue the good form into the new year and beyond because little wedges turn into one big wedge.

Six winners this week and the weather at fault for the slow start to the year. Ailie Rose the pick of his winners returning 2.75


Here’s the one you all want. Here’s the service you all NEED! HRN has been once again on fine form with 5 solid, well priced winners to end 2023 on a high and start 2024 on a brilliant note.

Robyndzone knocked in 10 points profit to help end the month +48 and January was more brilliant form with Zealandia smashing in 11 points profit and helping his followers both old and new to a lovely 24 points profit so far this month after just a week.. Yes, 24 points in a WEEK.

Top service that performs consistently. If you’re serious about betting and want a strong portfolio HRN is a must have for long term performance and stability. It feels a bit like trying to give money away with this offer, but the boss says I have to do it:
Get your first 2 weeks for a quid here.

2023 Final Results:

*Given that info racing only started late in the year I have excluded from the overall table, only those that tipped a full 12 months are included here

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What to watch?


A fantastic end to 2023 is meant with a solid start to 2024 from Mr consistency himself. This service knocks in steady profits month in month out! With 5 more winners this week its meant his following are sitting comfortable some 24 points up after a steady 48 point profit in December. Following HRN with a long term mindset is a must! Join here and get 2 weeks for £1

Bookies Enemy

Three solid winners earn him a spot this time out as he ends a turbulent run of form with a solid few bets at the end of the week. New York Bay at 14.4 and Hopeful at 5.5 were both strong but neither could match his big winner which earned…..

Winner of the week

Gary’s Bookies enemy service takes the plaudits this week with a solid 16 point winner when Cargin Bhui won at Wolves. A winner that will fill him with confidence!

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