Introducing a brand new way to bet:
Pay-Per-Profit, No contracts.

The service runs per 15 point target – Meaning the round starts at 0 and ends at +15 (or above).
Cost is £25 to Join each round.
Join the group(s) that suit when you are able to bet.

Selections are split into 3 groups depending on when they are sent.Each group has it’s own target and therefore own results as follows:

Evening before racing – view results
The day/morning of racing – view results
Late/live bets – view results



In order to receive selections you will require Telegram messenger. This works on most laptops, desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. Please download telegram messenger here or search in the app store. Upon signup you will receive an invite link to the relevant group(s) if the group is not already in sequence.

If the group is currently at a profit you will be added to a waiting list to join the next round of profit. We will notify you of this upon sign-up and the wait should generally be no more than 1 month at a time, but could be as little as a few days.

Round 1 of the evening bets took 14 bets over a 22-day period to reach a total of 19 points profit (31.5 staked, 62% ROI).

Round 1 of the live bets took 20 bets over a 31-day period to reach a total of 18 points profit (45.5 staked, 40.73% ROI) 

Round 2 of the evening group took just 8 days with 4 bets and 4 winners making a total of 15 points profit (7.25 staked, 206.9% ROI)

This is merely to give you an idea of the timescales of groups.

Should you have any issues or queries do not hesitate to contact us either via the contact page or on our email We aim to reply to all queries within 12 hours of receipt, but generally much faster during normal working hours (mon-fri, 9-5).