Introducing a brand new way to bet:
Pay-Per-Profit, No contracts.

The service runs per 15 point target – Meaning the round starts at 0 and ends at +15 (or above).
Cost is £40 to Join, and once 15 points is achieved you can pay £40 to join the next round if you wish.
Based on £10 per point staking you should make a minimum £110 profit per round.

Selections are sent a mixture of Evening before racing with any added bets sent at lunch time (before 1.30pm). view results


In order to receive selections you will require Telegram messenger. This works on most laptops, desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. Please download telegram messenger here or search in the app store.

Upon signup you will automatically be taken to join the group – IT IS ADVISED YOU HAVE TELEGRAM INSTALLED FIRST, AND PAY ON THE DEVICE WITH TELEGRAM. We cannot chase each payment to ensure you have joined correctly – if you need help or aren’t sure if you joined correctly, please do get in touch with us asap!

Overall 179 376.75 123.78 32.85%
Round No. of Bets Points Staked Points Profit ROI %
Round 1 14 31.5 19.6 62.22%
Round 2 4 7.25 15 206.90%
Round 3 7 14.5 17.55 121.03%
Round 4 15 26 22.73 87.42%
Round 5 42 82.5 15.96 19.35%
Round 6 72 157 16.53 10.53%
Round 7 25 58 16.41 28.29%

Round 1 was achieved over a 22-day period

Round 2 took just 8 days!

Round 3 again only took 8 days.

Round 4 took just over a month to complete but achieved a whopping 22 points!

Round 5 also took just over a month to complete.

Round 6 again took just over a month (39 days) to complete with 16 points achieved.

Round 7 ended with 25 bets and 16 points profit!

This is merely to give you an idea of the timescales of groups.

Should you have any issues or queries do not hesitate to contact us either via the contact page or on our email We aim to reply to all queries within 12 hours of receipt, but generally much faster during normal working hours (mon-fri, 9-5). 

Now you can also contact us via Telegram, search @punthub_uk to talk to one of our team.


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