The Master Plan

Everybody desires that one profitable system that works – it saves reading the form book and looking at the stats – well, look no further, let the machine do it all for you.
With months hitting 40 and 50 points profit and Over 100 points profit in it’s first 6 months, ‘The Master Plan’ is a becoming a consistent and profitable systematic approach to long term betting.
Average 4-6 selections released the evening before racing.
It is advised to use a bookmaker for this service.

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Join The Master Plan today just £20 for the first month (usual price £30 per month), or £80 per 3 months, and turn a plan into profit!

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Are they still performing?

Overall 719 120.28 16.73%
Month Points Staked Points Profit ROI %
September 119 49.00 41.18%
October 159 10.73 6.75%
November 108 57.74 53.46%
December 115 -14.50 -12.61%
January 19 91 -2.65 -2.91%
February 44 12.08 27.45%
March 78 8.38 10.74%

Results updated 1st April 2019

The above results were live proofed to PuntHub trial members & paying customers.
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