Adjusted System Lays

I’ve always been told that if you find a good laying system you’re set. Well look no more!

Consistent losers combined with low price winners put it well up on its trial and without a doubt deserves to be in the Successful candidates section of PuntHub.

People will always say it’s easier to find a loser than a winner, but many will fail to make a consistent profit long term.

A profit of 27 points in 2 months, from 269 lays at an average 3.30 BSP – is this the most successful laying service? It certainly looks like it. To make life easier for our members we’ve sourced a bot to help painlessly make you profit while you work, sleep, or do whatever you need to do. After joining the service come back and grab your bot here. Please note the bot is independent and not created by PuntHub.

Join Monthly – Special offer, £10 first month & then £25 per month after that:

Number of Lays 269
Highest BSP 29.74
Lowest BSP 1.14
Average BSP 3.30
Biggest Losing Lay -6.30
Longest Winning Sequence 10
Longest Losing Sequence 8
Reccomended cut off BSP 10.00

Overall 575.75 27.32 5%
Month Liability Staked Points Profit ROI %
March 260.5 8.67 3%
April 315.25 18.65 6%

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