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Razor racing combines the minds of two tipsters, working under one banner.

However the work of one does not affect the others selections. As you can see from the results to date the two together compliment each other during downturns as their tips are seperate so they don’t follow each other’s downturns.

This offers diversity, ones wins covering the others losses, and when both hit top form the returns can be amazing – just look at October!

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Bets sent on a morning to achieve best odds guaranteed, via two emails daily (one per tipster) and via telegram messenger.

Join today just £20 per month for one tipster, or £30 per month for both!

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Are they still performing

Combined Profit table:

Points StakedPoints ProfitROI %
MonthPoints StakedPoints ProfitROI %
October 201921280.9238.17%
November 201920413.436.58%
December 201915416.3210.60%
January 2020211-16.83-7.98%
February 202015932.1620.23%
March 202098-37.12-37.88%

Results filtered by Tipster

Tipster Aaron’s results:

Points StakedAaron Points ProfitAaron ROI %
Points StakedAaron Points ProfitAaron ROI %

Tipster Razor’s results:

Points StakedRazor Points ProfitRazor ROI %
Points StakedRazor Points ProfitRazor ROI %

The above results were updated March 20th 2020

When are bets sent?

Tipster Razor:
I have a break every day between 10:30 and 10:45 so this should almost always be the time I send them. This differs on a Friday when I work a shorter day so I don’t have break until 11:10 which means they are usually slightly later on a Friday. or Friday’s I think my window for tips should always fall from 10:40 to 11:30am which is a pretty narrow time slot.

Tipster Aaron:
0900-1100 Sunday-Friday
And Saturdays will be anytime from 2300 Friday night to 0900 Saturday morning as I coach under 9’s football on Saturday morning.

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