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‘The Master Plan’ is a PuntHub exclusive service for UK Racing. Bets are released on a morning around 8am and are recorded to best odds guaranteed. All selections are to 1 point level stakes offering an easy to follow approach.

It is advised to use a minimum 100 point bank for this service.
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Firstly thanks to Chris at Tipstars for providing the questions!

  • Could you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m in my 40s I’m married and I live in the Midlands. I enjoy sci-fi films and going to the pub. I’m a very normal guy really.

  • How did you first get interested in horse racing?

I worked for one of the biggest bookies in the world for several years and was always fascinated by the picks that people made. I used to listen intently to the many and various systems they used to come up with. Most of them didn’t bear fruit but very occasionally one would stand out. Of course they quickly had their accounts restricted unfortunately. This started my interest and using some database software and horse racing stats I started to come up with systems of my own.

  • When did you realise you could succeed as a tipster?

A lot of people I worked with at the bookmaker liked to have a flutter. They each had their own “winning system” It was when they started to regularly ask me who I was backing that I started realise that people would be interested in my choices and I may have something that was working.

  • Without giving away your edge, can you outline for the listeners how your service operates?

I’d love to be that fountain of all knowledge that knows in minute detail everything down to what the horse had for breakfast and how the jockey slept the night before but I can’t.  I take my hat off to the people that can and admire the dedication that it takes. Mine is a purely stats based system. I take several years of pretty much every piece of information that you could think of. With that much information patterns start to form that you can begin to work with.  How did the horse perform last time out over similar distance?, how is this trainer doing at this track? Is the horse wearing headgear for the first time?

I’m not saying that I use these ones in particular but there are strong enough patterns in all that information that can form the basis of a profitable system.

  • So, what does a “normal” day look like for The Master Plan?

On a week day I’m up around 6.30am for my regular job. I put my bets on for the day while checking for any non-runners from the night before and reporting them in to Punthub. Mid morning I do a last check for any more non-runners or new selections.

Around 6.30 pm I’m home I check how my results have gone so far and get the emails sent out with the following days bets.

  • One of the questions I hear a lot from potential members is why you provide the information in your service rather than just using it for your own benefit. Would you care to explain why you operate The Master Plan?

I do use them for my own benefit. Every selection I put out I back with my own money.

I wanted to get my selections out to as many people as possible so contacted Punthub. They handle all the things I would not have a clue how to do in promotion and dealing with the subscribers.

I love the idea that other people benefit along with me.

  • There will be losing runs, losing weeks, losing months along the way so how do you personally cope with these dips in form?

There’s always losing runs, anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves.

I have a strict staking plan and I stick to it. It’s a 100 point bank and I recalculate at the end of every month. I’ve been using the system for a decent amount of time now and have faith in it.

The system also evolves slightly on a regular basis to help avoid stalling.

  • Through my dealings with tipsters I get the feeling that the biggest issue for you guys is the speed with which subscribers jump ship as soon as there is a losing streak or a dip in results. Do you find that to be the biggest issue, or are there other areas you find equally difficult to manage?

Yeah it does bother me a bit. I put a lot of time and effort into what I do and when I hear about people leaving  after the first day I just can’t really understand that. I get that the very nature of the tipster service is that people are looking for an easy win but if you’ve hopefully put in a bit of research and found a service that suits you as well as delivers proven results you should give it a fair chance.

  • What has been your best experience in your time as a tipster?

Hearing good feedback from people who have followed the picks and had really good days. That makes me happier than having a good day personally.

  • What has been your worst experience in your time as a tipster?

A losing month. Fortunately its not happened in a good while but the thought that people had lost money, even if only a few points, because of me I really did not like at all.

  • Do you have time to watch any other sport away from horse racing? If so, what/who do you like to watch?

I’m a member of a few different trading groups on line and I like to trade the football markets on Betfair. I also support Stoke City  (Don’t judge me)

  • What piece of advice would you give to someone joining The Master Plan to get the most from their membership?

This is still gambling. There’s no such thing as a sure thing, even the best horse in the world can have a bad day.  Set yourself a sensible staking plan and stick to it, don’t be tempted to up your stakes if you have a good week. Oh, and give the system a fair  chance to succeed for you, you may just have joined at the start of a few losing days.

  • What is the best piece of advice you have received as a tipster and from whom?

To not take the losing runs so personally and no matter how well its going you cant please all of the people all of the time. Ben – Punthub

  • If you could change one thing in the horse racing or tipping world what would it be and why?

I’d really like to see the bookies be held accountable a lot more. I think they restrict people far too regularly for the simple reason that they are making a bit of money. At the end of the day I’ve got a lot less chance of winning than they have of losing and the amounts they make is astonishing, then to turn around and restrict someone who is making a small profit just really annoys me.