GoalForce- Automated football Tips

New-Inovative-Exciting- This is Goal Force- Automated Football Tips

What is Goal Force?
Goal Force is a system that will send out a signal to place a bet on an in-play football / soccer game. This happens when the game meets our algorithm’s criteria, and the signal is then sent to our automatic bet placer application.

The application is for windows only and will place the bet into your own bet365 account when the goal signal is alerted. (nb. it is only for bet365 and no other book makers at present).

Read our full force guide here

How much does it cost to use GoalForce?

£45 for 1 month access to the automated bet placer and the Telegram signals room.

Unfortunately we DO NOT offer just the signals, for two reasons:

1) A signal may come through and win within seconds. It is unrealistic for people to wait all day for a bet to come in hope of getting on within seconds.

2) Bets came come at any time, day or night. There have been occasions a bet comes in at 4am (uk time) and most people would have missed it.

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How good is it?
Since the system algorithm was finalised in early January its looking very strong, At 82.45 points profit or £824.50 profit to £10 stakes. It also has a strong following already and with the added bonus of a profit guarantee or your next month free its a very safe bet.

Check out the full results below

Staked (£10 per game)Profit (£10 bets)ROIStrike Rate

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The product requires a windows machine turned on 24/7 & does not work with a VPS.

If you have any questions or require help with setup then you can contact us via any of the following:

Email: help@punthub.co.uk
Telegram: @punthub_uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apunthub/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PuntHubBets
Website: https://punthub.co.uk/contact/

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