Clerk of The Course

By using conditions and draw analysis on the flat along with trainer track & race preferences, and specific race targets for the National Hunt season. In conclusion , The Clerk of the Course provides a very popular yet niche service for UK racing all year round.

Moreover, during a free trial between the 11th June and 27th October the service made over 80 points to best odds and over 60 points to Betfair sp from 114 bets.

Secondly, All bets are 1 point to win unless stated otherwise, then these selections are recorded to best odds and Betfair sp.


Join Clerk of The Course today just £20 for 1 month, no contract, Above all, No rolling payments.

And Finally
If the month is not in profit to our best odds guaranteed figures the next month is free. In addition to this, all of our results are kept up to date on a daily basis.

Full results below

Points StakedBOG ProfitBFSP ProfitROI (BOG) %ROI (BFSP) %
MonthPoints StakedBOG ProfitBFSP ProfitROI (BOG) %ROI (BSP) %Running Total (BOG)Running Total (BSP)
June 20192038.9441.50194.70%207.52%38.9441.50
July 2019360.002.160.00%5.99%38.9443.66
August 20191927.0011.17142.11%58.77%65.9454.83
September 201922-13.00-11.03-59.09%-50.11%52.9443.80
October 20192324.0011.68104.35%50.77%76.9455.48
November 2019464.104.418.91%9.59%81.0459.89
December 201954-11.25-0.80-20.83%-1.48%69.7959.10
January 20205346.6032.0287.92%60.41%116.3991.11
February 202043-14.79-22.20-34.40%-51.63%101.6068.91
March 2020210.754.223.57%20.10%102.3573.13

Results updated 20th March 2020

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In the month prior to our live trial the Clerk of the Course has the following record:

21 bets
4 wins
12 placed
SP Profit +28.2
BFSP Profit +35.8
Strike rate 19.05%

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