Tipping Point

Tipping Point is a stats based betting system for UK & Irish racing
All bets are level stakes 1 point to win or half point each way.
100 point bank is advised to follow this system.
Bets are sent via email and telegram on an evening with occasional added bets on a morning.

Join today half price for the first month at £15 (usual price £30 per month), or £70 per 3 months

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UK Association of Sports Tipping registered member

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Results prior to our live trial since July 2018 the system has produced 1023 selections, of which 245 have won (23.9% strike rate). In this time a profit of 317 points (Betfair SP) or 453 (Bets odds) has been achieved. The betting system has 1 losing month to betfair SP and no losing months to best odds guaranteed. Quite remarkably both sets of results show very good return on investment at 31% to betfair, or a huge 44% to best odds.

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