(Lay) Up-Down

This plan is similar to Dalembert, but much more flexible in the way that you can specify how to increase or decrease your stakes every win or lose.

Win step defines how to change the Multiplier of your Stake after a winning lay (losing horse). If Win Step is a positive value, the Multiplier will be increased after a win. If it’s a negative, the Multiplier will be decreased. Lose Step is similar. You can specify positive and negative values in both win and lose steps.

The amount to bet will be calculated as Stake x Multiplier. To avoid very large multipliers, set the Limit. It is the upper border for Multiplier.

It is possible to define Stake as Percentage of Bank by ticking the option.

You can also use fractional numbers for Win Step, Lose Step and Limit. Say, it can be -0.2, 1 and 5.50.

Example (Win Step = -2, Lose Step = 1):

Stake Multiplier Bet Runner’s Result
2 1 2 @ 2.50 Won
2 2 4 @ 3.10 Won
2 3 6 @ 2.30 Won
2 4 8 @ 2.20 Lost
2 2 4 @ 3.00 Won
2 3 6 @ 1.90 Lost
2 1 2 @ 3.00 Lost
2 1 2 @ 2.10 Won

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