(Lay) HiPro86

This plan was originally designed by www.hipro86.com laying system. The plan has 3 primary stages.

The stage one is when you constantly win. In this case the bot always bets Start Stake. If you lose being on the first stage, it goes to the stage two.

The stage two is to recover your loss. It’s the first recovery cycle. To calculate your stake, divide loss by 4 and add Start Stake:
stake = (loss / 4) + StartStake
Now place this stake on the next four bets. If any of these bets, except the 4th, loses, you go to the stage three. Otherwise, if you win all four bets or at least first three, you back to the stage one.

The stage three is to recover the loss made on the previous stage. It’s the second recovery cycle. New stake is calculated as:
stake = (lossOnStage2 / 4) + StartStake
Place this stake on the next four bets, the same as we did on the stage two. If any of these bets lose, return to the stage one straight away. If you have 4 winning bets then return to the stage one as well.

Example (Start Stake = 1):

Recovery Cycle Recovery Step Stake Runner’s Result Profit/Loss
None 1 1 @ 3.00 Lost +1
None 1 1 @ 3.00 Won -2
First 1 1.5 @ 4.00 Lost +1.5
First 2 1.5 @ 5.00 Lost +1.5
First 3 1.5 @ 5.00 Won -6
Second 1 2.5 @ 5.00 Lost +2.5
Second 2 2.5 @ 3.00 Lost +2.5
Second 3 2.5 @ 3.50 Lost +2.5
Second 4 2.5 @ 4.50 Lost +2.5
None 1 1 @ 2.50 Lost +1

Note that if a lose occurs on first recovery cycle and 4th recovery step, the bot goes back to the stage one anyway.

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