Featured Tipster

Every month we look at our tipsters and take the best performer to place it as our featured tipster. All our tipsters are proofed in the cold light of day and therefor becoming a featured tipster is a top accolade!

This Months featured Tipster is-

Wedge Winners is a current free trial here at PuntHub. Now into it’s 4th month of proofing – and 4th winning month in a row! It’s almost certainly going to be our next successful tipster so why not be the featured tipster for his final month of proofing.

Results summary to date:

Points StakedBest Odds P/LBOG ROI
MonthPoints StakedBest Odds P/LBOG ROI
December 20198719.0621.91%
January 202012917.5213.58%
February 20201352.752.04%
March 202010624.9623.55%

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