(Lay) Progressive

This plan aims to make Target Profit on every win and recover all previous Loss. So stake is calculated to win Total Profit + Loss. You should keep your Target Profit relatively small, around 1% of bank, to make sure this plan will not bust your bank after several consequent losses. Note that with this plan stakes may grow … Read more

(Lay) Xyz

The staking plan lays a custom series of stakes, moving one step forward after every losing lay and returning to 1st stake after every winning lay. It is similar to Fibonacci staking plan, but instead of predefined Fibonacci numbers you can set a custom series. Stake is a base stake that will be multiplied by numbers from your series. … Read more

(Lay) Up-Down

This plan is similar to Dalembert, but much more flexible in the way that you can specify how to increase or decrease your stakes every win or lose. Win step defines how to change the Multiplier of your Stake after a winning lay (losing horse). If Win Step is a positive value, the Multiplier will be increased after a win. If … Read more

(Lay) Secure

In this plan your stake depends on odds. The bot lays specific Percentage of your Stake, depending in which range current Odds lie. Stake is amount to bet. Percentage in the table defines percentage of Stake to lay in the specific Odds range. Also it’s possible to specify amount to bet as Percentage of Bank. Then your Stake is actually a percentage of your bank. For example if … Read more

(Lay) Recovery

This plan is designed to produce a fixed profit on each bet and at the same time to recover losses made from previous bets. If Safe Recovery box is not ticked, in the end if you don’t have a running loss, your profit will be equal to Target Profit multiplied by number of bets you placed (no matter how many of … Read more

(Lay) Percentage

This plan lays a percentage of your bank. Percentage To Bet — a percentage of bank to lay. No Decrease — if enabled, do not decrease the stake, even if bank is decreasing.

(Lay) Martin

You can set up your base Stake and Multiplier. After every winning bet the stake will be set back to the base. After a loss it will be timed by multiplier. For example, if Stake = 1 and Multiplier = 2.5 Bet #1. Stake = 1 – LOSS Bet #2. Stake = 1 x 2.5 = 2.5 – LOSS … Read more

(Lay) Maria

In this staking plan stakes depend on odds range. You can specify three odds range and percentage of the bank to lay in Odds and Percentage columns in the settings. By default it’s: If odds below 3.50, lay 1% of the bank. If odds from 3.60 to 7.40, lay 0.6% of the bank. If odds from 7.50 to 11, … Read more

(Lay) Level Stakes

The plan is very simple — each time it lays a fixed amount which doesn’t depend on odds or previous results. Stake — amount of money to bet. Max Liability – you can set max lay liability. If bet’s liability is greater than this limit the stake will be decreased.

(Lay) HiPro86

This plan was originally designed by www.hipro86.com laying system. The plan has 3 primary stages. The stage one is when you constantly win. In this case the bot always bets Start Stake. If you lose being on the first stage, it goes to the stage two. The stage two is to recover your loss. It’s the first recovery cycle. To calculate your stake, divide loss by … Read more

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