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Is what it says it is.

The win place system showed promise over the course of December, holding a 17.02% strike rate and a 12.5 % ROI when recorded to 1 point win bets.

Winners at 11/1, 11/2, 6/1 and 5/1, plus many more placed, could this be the Angle we’ve been searching for?

Pre-trial results can be viewed here


Astute Racing are a relatively new service to the market, that also brings something completely new to the party.
They offer a 2-pronged service which involves Form Based Tips, as well as a Dutching System.

Form Based Tips

On average we will issue around 20 to 30 tips per month.

Dutching System Based Tips

We will issue approximately 80 System Based Tips per month.
The Dutching System Based Tips generates 1 to 3 races per day, The system gives out the top rated and also the next best in each of the races.
All system bets are staked at 1 point to win regardless of price.

Our pre-trial results can be seen here

'The Don' welcomes PuntHub members to his service. Having proofed 69 bets to us he has amassed an impressive 28.5 points profit, with a return on investment of 41.3% You can view those results here and subscribe to his bets below.

All bets placed to Betfair SP. Steady earner with a 10% ROI over 3 years.

Make the form choice, follow In-Form Racing

AH - Short for Acca Hacker, clearly suffered stage fright in his first month but has since made solid profits with impressive, knowledgeable tipping. One to watch.

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