The Sunday Supplement 03/03/24

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Weekly Wrap 24/02/24 – 01/03/24

Free Trials

Triple Threat Lays

New in the door at Punthub and AS ALWAYS WE MANAGE TO START THE SERVICE ON TOTALLY THE WRONG FOOT. After a rocky first couple of days its been steady away with with a 12 lay run to help the service to 15/20 for the first week and 3/3 to start march off well.

+2.94 for March, -1.26 overall and hopefully the good run will continue well into the month.

Top Spin Tips AKA Tennis Tits.

Twenty five winners this week and scraping an overall profit for TT. Marta Kostyuk beating Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova to make the difference returning 1.27 and helping to turn a slender .66 point profit overall.

Still very early days and a data collection mission to identify anything that may help improve results.

Betting Brainiac

INDICATE the only winner of his week at 3.26 points profit. Not really much of anything to write home about and its going to spell the end for the Brainiac, at this point we will end his trial to focus on betfair based services, but he may return down the line.


Twenty nine winners in the bag over this week and its a slight step back despite plenty of winners. A Ross Co v St Mirren Draw was and impressive tip returning 2.35 and Wolves v Sheffield U under 2.5 also gets a mention returning 1.27.

+49 overall and its a slight step back from +53 seen last week but we’ve seen gradual and consistent steps forward over the course of this season and long may it continue!


Narrowly missed out on a profit this month after two losers on the last day scuppered any chances of a profit. 24 losers for the week and the strike rate just dipped at the time you really don’t want it to! About the long term though and in the grand scheme a 4 point loss wont hurt much.

BlackBox Win/Place Betfair Service

Moves paid after a fantastic weekend to wrap both the month and the free trial up. DILLIGENT HARRY the pick of his trio of winners returning 7.79 at Southwell.

Ended march +25 for the month and ended his free trial up a whopping 149 points up overall.

A really solid performance at betfair SP! You can join BlackBox monthly here and Quarterly here.

Premium Tipsters

xCloudBot Results

Strategy Sum of Stake Sum of Profit
Bobby Bets (£2) 28 -5.78
CP System 5 -5
Triple Threat Lay (£2) 36 -5.92
GreyWins 116 -34.96
Little Lays 2 2
Greyhound Lay 42 -15.97
Backwards Bob Lays 15 -7.29
SF System 19 -3.69
TPT 2 -2
Grand Total 265 -78.61



Info Racing

Marions Boy knocked home a 7/2 winner to make sure of a profit for the month at long last for the info racing lads. Yougoglencoko also a noteworthy tip returning a place at Newcastle and 3.4 points profit.

Ended February +4.7 and broke a run of 3 consecutive losing months. Really needs to crack on from here and gather some momentum!

The Bookies Enemy:

Two winners and a place this week and it wasn’t anywhere near enough to save what’s been a poor month for Gary at -33. Had a good January but has managed to give it all back and then some. Fingers crossed that can be put right in March.

Hanbury Racing:

Nothing in the bag this week.

The Bet Professor:

Not many bets this week but a good winner to round the month off. Gwennie May Boy a 9 point winner first past the post at Bangor-On-Dee and making sure of a 9 point profit for the month after a much slower than usual February. Only 19 bets to show for February but coming away with a 47% ROI is very very good.

Been a quiet start to 2024 for TBP with a usual month returning 35-40 bets but we’ve had just 35 selections over the first two months of 2024.

Wedge Winners:

Nine winners this week and a good start to march with 3 of those coming on the first day of the new month. Hightimeyouwon  returning 4 points profit and Shades Of Summer returning 3.5 on the same day both getting March going the right way after a tough February which saw a small loss.


Two winners this week and its a good finish to the month for HRN who manages to grind out a profit for the month. Could Be Trouble the pick of his pair returning 6.5 points profit at Catterick.

Squeezed out a 7 point profit for the month and made it back to back winning months for 2024. +23 for January and February and while its not huge profits, it is very steady!

Feb 2024 Results:

Premium Tipster
February 2024 Summary
Tipster Betting On Points Staked Points Profit ROI Strike Rate
The Bet Professor Horses 19 9.00 47.37% 26.32%
HRN Horses 26 7 26.92% 19.23%
Info Racing Horses 32 4.70 14.69% 37.50%
Wedge Winners Horses 103 -13 -12.53% 27.18%
Hanbury Racing Horses 58 -8.60 -14.83% 14.29%
The Bookies Enemy Horses 102 -33.09 -32.57% 18.42%
Totals: 340 -33.90 -9.98%

Feb 2024 Free Tipsters
Tipster Betting On Points / Liability Staked Points Profit ROI % Strike Rate %
Black Box Horses 128.00 25.36 19.81% 31.82%
Braniac Horses 59 4.34 7.23% 32.43%
PassMaster (Overall) Footy 779.00 46.85 6.01% 54.94%
Top Spin Tips (Overall) Tennis 169.00 1.84 6.02% 68.64%
Greylays Greyhound Lay 968.09 -4.98 -0.51% 76.19%
Totals: 2,103.09 73.41 3.49%

View the results here

What to watch?

Win/Place (Black box)

A very strong trial for the Alt service and a solid 5 months that saw 149 points profit in the bag over that time. All of that to BSP meaning everyone can get stuck into a service without the need for a Bookie. You can join the service here (Telegram). Or scroll up for paypal buttons.



Really had to grind for it but a profit for Feb means back to back winning months for HRN to start 2024. back in the day you’d call it doing a Bayern Munich because if you can get those wins when things aren’t going your way when it does you’ll be smashing in the profit.


The Bet Prof

a tidy winner at the end of a quiet month from a service rarely given the chance. Turned over his loss and starts March at exactly 0 for the year. His winner does….

Winner of the week

bag him bragging rights for the week with 9 point winner Gwennie May Boy in the winners circle at Bangor-On-Dee for a 9 point return.

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