Imagine a service like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Imagine a service that doesn’t depend on tips, from a tipster. Imagine being able to see the inside of the Betfair exchange. The nuts and bolts of it, and know who the big accounts belong to and what they’re betting on?

Imagine no more, we present to you an incredibly exciting and different service where the selections don’t come from a tipster. they come directly from Inside the Exchange.

The Trader

This is a service thats never been seen by the tipping world before. Thats because its not tips.

Imagine being able to see inside the inner workings of Betfair Exchange.

Well that’s exactly what we have here. Our man on the inside can see exactly whats getting loaded up on.

Hardly rocket science that is it?…

No, but then what he has done is he has been able to identify accounts linked to all the major hight street and online bookmakers plus accounts that are linked to stables who like to have a touch and also the accounts of proper hard core pro gamblers. So he sees what’s getting backed and by who. He see’s what big bookmaking firms are trying to cover liabilities on what horses and by how much for.

Here’s a snippet of what to expect-

325 Limerick Fennos Storm. 9/1. A series of v big win bets went on when prices appeared last night . Dipping down to 5s then drifting back out . Some of it was stable connected .Bookies appear unconcerned but plenty of trading action stacking up waiting on liquidity.      

WINS  11/4 – ADVISED 9/1

415 Newcastle Vadream . 3/1. Went up around 8s and immediately dropped like a stone . Big win bets from connection’s on at Ladbrokes , Sybet and BV. Around 5k so far for a grotty maiden Fillies . Stable newcomer.  

WINS 6/1

730 Chelmsford Double Reflection 6/1

A legit Stable gamble going on, connected eachway bets flying in!   

WINS 4/1

The Trader is available for trial for a short period of time due to the nature of the beast

Selections are sent twice per day: Early morning highlighting early action, and mid morning once there is a clearer picture.

Bets will be available via email & telegram via our free group.

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