The Sunday Supplement – 22/11/20

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Welcome to The Sunday Supplement by PuntHub. 
A weekly roundup of all Punthub tipsters. The Supplement runs Saturday To Friday, meaning Yesterday is the start of next week’s roundup.-
Onwards with our weekly overview..

The Lowdown SystemTwo winners this week as The Lowdown rather stutters into life with the first winners of the trial. Paricolor the first winner at Leicester returning 1.38 while Buzz returned a point at Ascot.Its not been a great start for The Lowdown at -13.62 so far this month from 18 staked for November. Let’s hope the trial improves with age.

You can join the trial here.

Top of The Pops
More of the same for TOTP with Kendelu breaking the duck and getting his first winner on the board at Uttoxeter for a 4-point return. 11 points down from 16 staked and its not been a great start for either of the new trials.

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High Five
No winners this week but with just two bets all week its nothing to worry about. HF is sitting pretty at the moment with 12 points profit from 9 staked or a 133% ROI this month.

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Lay 2 Liability
The Strike rate is siting dead on 80% as winners’ hamper what has been steady progress up until this month. Its a minor loss of -£2.70 to £10 liability and with over a week of the month left there’s plenty of time to recover.
It’s well worth noting that there’s now plenty of different options when it comes to staking. Different plans are all available via our results sheet, but in the interest of continuity ill keep using the original sheet.
Full details for the various options available here.

Taylor Made
Six winners this week from the Taylor. Mitrosonfirea solid winner adding 12.00 points at Kempton. Lucky Robin the other winner at Southwell returning 9 points.
39.05 points profit from 84 staked and a slight step back with just a couple of points given back. It’s been a much steadier ride though with far less bets making following much easier on the wallet.

Wedge Winners
Possibly a new record at 36 winners this week but all seemingly irrelevant when the service has gone backwards this week. Carrolls Milan a strong 7.5-point winner earning a mention, Midnights’ Gift the only other noteworthy winner returning 6.66 points.
Shorter odds really hurting WW this week and what was a solid start to the month has rather turned into a horror show at 52 points down for the month. The SR has dipped well below average at 24.09%, it looks like WW is staring straight down the barrel of his first losing month – but no big deal long term.

Just eight winners this week and a big swing into the red for HRN. Bringitonboris a 9-point winner while Rocheston also noteworthy returning 12 points.
At -45 for the month its on an absolute hiding this month. At 10.74% the SR has dipped, to put that in context that’s just 39 winners from 363 bets this month.

Home Form
No bets over the international break.

The Master Plan
Four Winners this week and just about all of it given back as a losing spell kicks in. Kendelu and Love Of Zoffany both returned 4 points profit and are both noteworthy.
Would’ve been a better week for TMP if it wasn’t for the giving back over the last couple of days. On a 13 bet losing run.

How’s the results?

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So what’s to watch?
Honestly this week has been poor. Possibly the worst week I’ve seen for a very long time. Poor starts for the free trials and a rather lacklustre showing from paid services, despite that-

Taylor Made– the only service to really pick out this week as performing well enough to warrant a mention. Two solid winners in Lucky Robin and Mitrosonfire keeping his monthly tally looking good as we head to the end of the month.

Winner of the Week Is- 
No one. Poor performances across the board mean no one is allowed bragging rights.

A note from the author
I think this is one of the most brutal weeks in a bad month that I have personally seen, it’s hard to sit and write the supplement when everything is doing bad. It’s the nature of the beast – some up, some down. But everything is up to date and honest as of time of sending.

It’s a long term game, and long term, most will be just fine.

Let’s hope there is better news to report next week!

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Enjoy Your Sunday.


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