The Sunday Supplement 15/11/20

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A weekly roundup of all Punthub tipsters. The Supplement runs Saturday To Friday, meaning Yesterday is the start of next week’s roundup.-
Onwards with our weekly overview..

The Lowdown System
Almost halfway through the first month of the trial and still searching for his first winner to kick the service off.
-9 points to date.
You can join the trial here.

Top of The Pops
Also still waiting for his first winner to kick the trial off.
-11 points to date.
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High Five
One winner this week for High Five with Great Colaci on target once again at Newcastle adding 5 points profit. 14 points profit from 7 staked so far this month for a 200% ROI in November.
Steady as she goes once again from the forever free tipster.

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Lay 2 Liability
Not been the best of weeks for L2L with losers cropping up throughout the week. At 80.00% the strike rate has dipped from the previous week but its a long term game and I’m more than confident Paul will win long term.

Taylor Made
Five winners this week for the Taylor and its more of a perfect fit for followers. Switch Hitter a noteworthy winner adding 6.71 points profit, Ventura Vision stole the show however with a massive winner this week adding 50 points profit.

45.08 points up from 47 staked this month or 95.92% ROI for November. The strike rate has also seen a boost rising to 17.02%. The return of big winners also a big big positive for Taylor Made and long term followers.

Wedge Winners
28 winners this week but none could halt a swing into the red for WW. Tight Call a winner at Ludlow returning 7 points profit. Switch Hitter added another good winner returning 10 points at Kempton.

26 points down and a big swing from the praise last week. Both the strike rate at 22.82% and the average odds at 4.98 have dipped this week, lets hope for a recovery next week.

Just Nine winners this week but some at higher odds keeping HRN in profit. Switch Hitter a 16.5-point winner at Kempton. Mr Palmtree also a noteworthy winner returning 7 points at Hereford. Pockley the final of the winners returning 11 points Newcastle.

Bigger odds keeping HRN on course while the strike rate is holding well at 12.92%, That’s slightly above average. 19 points profit for the month from 209 staked may not sound like a lot but a profit is still a profit either way you split it.

Home Form
Two bets at the weekend and no joy for Home Form. I enjoy the football tipster but at -8.90 for November He’s looking at four consecutive months without a profit. Let’s hope the form can improve.

The Master Plan
Five winners this week, with the low volume of bets its made for a solid return and pushed TMP into the black for the month. Switch Hitter a winner for TMP also returning 6 points. Tight Call also worthy of a mention returning 7 points and Dancewiththewind the final of his noteworthy winners returning 5.5 points.

4.75 points returned for the month from 29 staked or a 16.38% ROI for November, it may not sound like much but its been a big swing in the right direction for TMP.

How’s the results?

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So what’s to watch?
The Master Plan– Low volume stability once again this week from TMP. His five winners providing the swing back in the right direction for the month. Hopefully it can continue to progress!

Taylor Made– A big winner providing the thrust this week for the Taylor and his followers will be more than happy. 45.08 points up from 47 staked this month and a 95.92% ROI for the month.

Winner of the Week Is- 
Taylor Made sweeps up with a massive 50.00-point winner when Ventura Vision was first past the post at Chelmsford City. A big winner that has followers certainly deserve!

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Nothing to mention this week.

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