The Sunday Supplement – 08/11/20

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Welcome to The Sunday Supplement by PuntHub. 

A weekly roundup of all Punthub tipsters. The Supplement runs Saturday To Friday, meaning Yesterday is the start of next week’s roundup.
Onwards with our weekly overview..

The Lowdown System
Two bets two losers to kick off a brand new trial. Very very very early days yet. You can join the trial here.

Top of The Pops
Another new trial this week.
Six bets without a winner. Again its very early days so can’t pass judgement at this early stage. Join the free trial here.

Leaves us after failing to impress with just one winner to date.
Hope to have something that actually works on the footy front in coming weeks.

High Five
Snapped the losing spell of 17 bets with a nice 14/1 winner Friday night.November stands at 5 bets, 1 winner, +10 BOG, +13 BFSP.Lovely start to the weekend (albeit I can only purchase a takeaway with my winnings?). Let’s hope for a big month this month.

You can join the above free services here

Lay 2 Liability
Steady continued growth for L2L with the strike rate improving in the process despite a couple of losers. 86.84% SR with £36.86 in the bank this month from 38 Lays so far this month.

Join Lay2Liability here

Taylor Made
Six winners this week from a service that has changed things up and dropped the amount of selections down. Rains Of Castamere a solid 7-point winner at Newmarket Son And Sannie worthy of a mention for a massive 12-point return and Harry’s Ridge the last winner of his week at Nottingham.

Just -0.09 from 23 bets this month. Having just 23 bets this month is a big statement of change from Taylor considering last month he sent a massive 517 selections. The strike rate is still holding at 13.04% which is about average but hopefully that’ll start to head up as the changes shine through.

Wedge Winners
Twenty-Nine winners this week from the man who absolutely hates chips. Mrs Hyde a show stopping winner returning a colossal 32 points profit at Wetherby. Maskada also in the winner’s circle and worthy of a mention returning 10 points and Song Of The Isles also a noteworthy winner returning 11 points in the process.

Up 13.40 points so far this month from 124 staked so far for November. The SR has drifted slightly this week to 25.81% but hopefully a continued forward march into profit for the rest of the month. 

Had plenty of emails regarding perhaps the oddest subject ever. “How many bets has HRN sent you” the question. In short, we’ll NEVER replace a tipster whilst continuing to run the service.

This HRN is the real HRN and not a different tipster under the name of HRN.

Ten winners this week for the Real McCoy this week.

Mrs Hyde a strong 32-point winner for HRN as well as Wedges, Maskada followed with a 20-point winner at Hereford. Hot Gossip the final worthy selection with a massive 28 points returned. 

Mr 100% authentic is 38.00 points up this month from 90 staked. With an above average SR of 15.56% this week.

Accept no imitations! Make sure you get the real HRN.

Home Form
Peterborough won but Sampordia couldn’t oblige. The first bets of the month play this weekend so hopefully a win to kick November off on the right foot.

Tipping Point
Leaves after stuttering for the last couple of months. We didn’t just change the tipster and continue running the service (like other platforms do).

The Master Plan
Just one winner to kick his month off and its not really the start he’d be looking for after such a steady run in October. Maison De York the winner adding 2.75.

-12.25 from 14 bets so far this month for TMP and a well below average SR of just 6.25% for November. Fingers crossed for an improvement. 

How’s the results?

View the results here

So what’s to watch?
Wedge Winners– Mr No Chips once again with a mention that seems to be a regular thing.13.40 up this month and maintaining a profit to hopefully Mae it 10 straight months of profit since the service commenced in December 2019.

The Real HRNCan the Real HRN please stand up? He’d be stood up here at PuntHub and at 38.00 points profit from 90 staked so far this month his long term followers will happily bet HRN and indeed any PuntHub service knowing you get the authentic product. 32 and 28 point winners really helping him maintain a solid profit so far for November.

Winner of the Week Is- HRN and Wedges share top spot with thirty -two point winner Mrs Hyde at Wetherby. Real McCoy.

A note from the author
What’s all this real Mccoy, real HRN stuff all about?
It was brought to our attention by a member of HRN on another platform that something didn’t seem right, and the bets he was given didn’t match our results.

It turns out said platform has simply taken the service name and replaced the tipster behind it. I mean, it’s very obvious when a service that typically puts out around 10 selections a day suddenly puts out 3 and one is in Keendland at the Breeders Cup meeting? HRN has never sent selections there before so why now!

When I started out in this industry long before PuntHub was ever even considered, the one thing I was taught from day 1 is to be honest. Good results will always sell themselves (we’ve seen that plenty of times), but there is absolutely no substitute for providing an honest service.

That is why we are proud to be a part of UKAST.
Proud to be a trustworthy platform and one that doesn’t just replace the face behind the name.

If you pay for HRN you get HRN, pay for Wedge Winners you get Wedge Winners. And I really can’t think of two better backing services than those two right now either. Both continue to make solid profits and impress.

As for the direction of PuntHub
I’m now on the lookout for a solid football service or two, and maybe a greyhound service to join the ranks.
if I find anything I’ll report back with a trial.

Until next time.
Real McCoy.

If anyone has any questions or wants to join our chat community you’re more than welcome.Be nice, say hi.

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Enjoy Your Sunday.


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