Wednesday Watchers

What ya’ watching Wednesday? 
Every Wednesday we bring you the inside info on whats worth following,

This weeks Wednesday Watchers are-

Wedge Winners
Turning into a regular for a mention on Wednesdays with a great start to November earning him another mention.13.51 points up or £135 to £10 stakes from 61 staked producing a 22.15% ROI. Strike rate is also holding true at 27.87% so far in the early stages of the month. Will this be month ten of back to back profit? get involved below-

Lay 2 Liability
No surprise either with 18 winning lays from 21 and a £15.50 profit to £10 lays. A very strong 85.71% strike rate which The author Paul will be very pleased with to start life off as a premium service. Lay2Liability is proving itself to be a great long term earner for his faithful followers, you can join them on the dark side using the button below-

 Top Of The Pops
A new trial coming to PuntHub. With impressive historic results dating back 12 months, the author will be looking to have a strong trial and join a very competitive band of premium tipsters to fight for the top of the table.

As always you can follow the trial live and make a choice for yourself-

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Watchers”

  1. 1st time in 3 month following wedge winners I’ve gone3 days in a row without covering my bet. Can’t complain about that hopefully today gets back to winning ways

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