The Sunday Supplement – 18/10/20

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Welcome to The Sunday Supplement by PuntHub. 

A weekly roundup of all Punthub tipsters. The Supplement runs Saturday To Friday, meaning Yesterday is the start of next week’s roundup.

Two quick things to mention off the top.

Football Previews – Some have been emailed out where possible, this isn’t always possible, so ensure you sign up to push notifications on the website. Two previews posted on Saturday. He’s going to try and cover more games going forward, and results are recorded for these, it is a trial.

Which brings me nicely onto point two. The author of the above previews is expanding into providing a footy acca service, dubbed golden balls by the chat community on telegram, he’s got off to a good start with 2 winning accas so far. The service looks to cover a few angles; win acca, over/under goals, corners & a mix of all of the above. 

Get your hands on (excuse me) ‘Golden Balls’ here.

Onwards with our weekly overview..

Lay 2 Liability
32 losers found this week from 36 selections for an 88% strike rate and a whopping £50 gain to £10 liability. The week also saw the large part of a 29 bet winning run which is more than worthy of a mention, especially considering the average lay price this week (4.91) fell a whole point below the overall average (5.03).

Looking at straight / traditional laying the service made £217.50 laying to win £10.

The author put a long message out this week regarding moving to a paid service come November 1st and it’s hardly surprising given the overall consistency of the service. He has also gone into depth regarding liability staking plans to help compound the profit. Note that we have added another tab to our results sheet showing results based on 10% liability re=calculated on a lay by lay basis. Feel free to take a look and if you have questions please do email or contact us on telegram @punthub_uk.

The service will be priced at £50 per month as of Nov 1st, and will continue into a new telegram channel.

The Betting Edge
Seven winners this week and nothing to stop the service ending slump. LUNAR JET the only worthy winners returning 12 points.

-28 for October from 152 staked, Betting Edge has overall failed to impress.
After conversations with the author we both agree to end the trial here. We wish him all the best for the future.

Bestway Racing
Just two winners this week for Bestway and a bit of a slip back with no winner in the services last 8 selections. Land of Winter a solid 5-point winner at Goodwood and Flying West a 3.5-point winner at Yarmouth. 
3 points up for October from 37 staked and 6 winners so far this month.

Looking pretty safe overall though with 36.89 points profit or 13.49% to BOG.

High Five
Two winners this week and the service continues to perform as it was last month.

Refuge on target adding 6.5 points and Pretty Rebel knocking in a very strong 14-point profit at Curragh to keep the Forever free service going in the right direction.

9.50 up for October from 13 staked and its even better to BFSP at 16.60 for the month.
On a solid run overall with just one losing month since the service started in January. Get your free cash here.

You can join the above free services here

Taylor Made
Thirty winners this week from an eye watering number of bets this week. Air Raid lumped in a whopping 16 points profit at Haydock, Gravity Force knocked in another 20 points profit at Southwell and Caen Na Coille the third noteworthy winner returning 12 points at Newcastle.

Despite the big winners Taylor made is still down for the month, -16 for the month should be early turned around as long as the big winners keep coming.

Still looking very strong overall at 168.49 points profit or 17.26% ROI and anyone jumping ship at this stage is highly likely to miss the inevitable upswing that follows the downswing. Consider the service made more than 100 points profit at bfsp last month!

Wedge Winners
Thirty-one winners this week for high flying wedges. Gavrocheka knocked in a 9-point winner while Coole Lion also gets a mention for an 8.5-point profit at Southwell.

16.68 up for October and with a 26.46% strike rate this month its looking good once again for Mr “Boring Monthly Profit”. No losing months since the trial began and a profit every month there’s been racing in 2020. Solid. Dependable. Consistent. Wedge Winners.

Fifteen winners this week and if it weren’t for the big winners a very different week it would’ve been. Sha La La La Lee was first past the post at Wolverhampton for a massive 25-point return. Rome Imperial the other tip this week worth mentioning returning 14 points at Windsor.

Despite the big winners the service is sat 8.35 points up from 198 staked this month. It’s a profit but hardly a big return considering the points staked.

Looking very comfy though at 381.20 points up overall and long term followers won’t be bothered in the slightest.

Home Form
No joy on the double last weekend and no bets this weekend. (Insert sad face).

Tipping Point
Three winners this week and TP just can’t catch a break. Menin Gate a worthy 5.5-point winner while Puchita added another 3.5 points.
-11.75 for October and looking at back to back losing months for its first time.

My somewhat hopeful prediction looking like the wrong call.

The Master Plan
Steady as she goes once again for TMP with three winners from eight bets. Flying Dragon added 8 points profit while Menin Gate added 5.5 points.
19.85 points up for October and looking solid once again.

A long way to go to turn around the 43 points lost but steady, low volume with a tidy return from TMP once again.

A steady climb back to the top is just what the doctor ordered!

How’s the results?

View the results here

So what’s to watch?
The Master Plan– A lot of services putting high volume out there lately and TMP is looking like a breath of fresh air with a more selective setup this month. 6 winners this month equates to a 40% strike rate. A BOG ROI of 132.33% and BFSP return of 112.40% means its steady sailing once again. May no longer be the top service at PuntHub but like a veteran striker (Think Glenn Murray) he knows where the winners circle is.

High Five– Again same as TMP with low volume and a solid return this month. 9.50 to BOG or 16.60 to BFSP High Five is a free service that will stay free forever and hopefully will maintain this consistent run forever too.

Wedge Winners– Mr big winners is back once again with his No losing months having had a good week and is enjoying yet another good month. All ill say is if you’re still on the fence then maybe you should stop betting, because I’m really not sure what you’re looking for. Neither are you.

Winner of the Week Is- Sha La La La Lee scoops top spot for HRN with a 25-point haul at Wolverhampton. We like it a lot.

Also special mention to Lay2Liability for a 29 lay winning streak.. Clearly will never manage winner of the week vs a 12/1 winner but 29 straight winners is more than enough to impress me and get a mention!

A note from the author
Thank the lord the International break is over and we can get back to proper football, because frankly bar beating Belgium it was pretty boring from England. Chelsea dropped a bollock drawing 3-3 with Southampton, not sure I remember the last time Southampton scored 3 vs a top team? Actually I just checked back and it was December 2018!

Merseyside Derby looked a corker. Given my 2 closest mates support Everton & Liverpool I’m glad I was busy today. Elsewhere City should have scored more than 1 against Arsenal but glad to see us pick up a clean sheet for a change, hopefully Dias does the job going forward as he looked good today.

Onto Racing where we saw the queen of racing, Enable, retire to stud to be covered by Kingman (can’t wait to see some of those foals in action in a few years – wow).Champions day left a bit to be desired if I’m honest, but couldn’t be more pleased for the very deserving Hollie Doyle on her first Group 1 win. Can’t wait to see some proper jump action now!

If anyone has any questions or wants to join our chat community you’re more than welcome.Be nice, say hi.

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Enjoy Your Sunday.


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