The Sunday Supplement – 11/10/20

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A weekly roundup of all Punthub tipsters. The Supplement runs Saturday To Friday, meaning Yesterday is the start of next week’s roundup.-
Onwards with our weekly overview..

Lay 2 Liability
Much more Pigeon than statue this week with 24 successful lays from 27, adding £24 to the bank at £10 liability.A huge strike rate of 88% and my Betfair balance rolls forward once more. 

We’ve added on potential staking plan to the main results sheet if you want to take a look at that..

£300 starting bank, using 10% liability adjusted per lay unless below the starting bank (then just use £30). The bank would have grown from £300 up to £1200. Interesting!

The Betting Edge
Ten winners and once again were talking about Betting Edge hovering around zero. THAWRY added 10 points profit and INTERNATIONAL LAW hit the target at Wolves to add 6 points profit. Neither really helping that much considering the amount of losers the service has had.

Just 78 winners out of nearly 400 staked has left the service sitting at a 0.81% ROI and leaving a bit to be desired so far.

Bestway Racing
Four winners this week and Bestway appears to (finally) be hitting his stride. Firewater a solid 8/1 winner and Glinger Flame another worthy winner at 6/1. 7.5 points up this month from 22 staked.
Looking good overall too at 41.39 points for a 16% ROI.

Also worth a shoutout for his live service backing close to the off having great success at +50 points.
If you’re interested in that it’s telegram only and £10 a month.

Top Draw
Just two draws on target with Skive IK to draw with Kolding and Cadiz to draw with Grenada returning any points. 2.2 points down from 9 staked and at just over 16 points profit from 127 staked or an ROI 12% it’s safe to say we’ve seen enough. It may be niche but niche without turning a profit doesn’t do nothing for nobody. In the bin go the draws.

High Five
No winners this week.

You can join the above free services here

Taylor Made
Nineteen winners this time out but at -40 from 150 staked its not looking great so far this month, albeit one week into October! Nazeef added 9.53 points profit while Arthurian Fame also gets a mention returning 10.4 points at Galway.

21 winners now this month with a strike rate of 14%, which is the same as previous months. The only thing that’s missing is a big price winner for October!

Wedge Winners
Sixteen winners this weekend and a return to break even for WW. El Presente banked 11.96 points profit while Showalong added 6.66 points profit at York on Friday.

-0.34 from 74 staked in the first week and id edge my bets that WW will push into profit. 20 winners this month for a strike rate of 27.03% and just under 9 points off the 300-point barrier (291.76).

Five winners this week and a contender for WOTW in there too. Doolin Dancer hit the target at Killarney returning 15.6 points profit only to be outdone by Euchen Glen knocking in a whopping 20 points profit on Friday at York.

Just 6.4 points down from 72 staked and winter plenty of the month left. HRN can turn a profit from anywhere!

Home Form
Nothing this week, but bets are out for the weekend. More on how they get on next week.

Tipping Point
Just one winner with One True King the only selection to muster anything returning 1.75 points profit. -5.75 from 20 staked so plenty of space to turn it around.

The Master Plan
Two winners this week and TMP appears stable once again after a big wobble in September. Amor Fati returned 3.6 points profit while Rogue Tide returned a solid 6 points at Newcastle. 9.1 points profit returned from 7 staked and he’s looking solid so far with a 130.00% ROI so far this month.

The Final Furlong
Called time at the end of last month.

How’s the results?

View the results here

So what’s to watch?

Bestway Racing– looking solid at long last after a turbulent couple of months and will be starting to turn some heads as his bank grows. 41.39 points overall and 7.5 points profit from 22 staked so far this month. Also hit his highest strike rate last month at 24.30% or 26 winners.

Wedge Winners– pulled back to break even and with plenty of the month left looks good for another profitable month. 20 winners for a strike rate of 27.03% is inline with previous profitable months.

Winner of the Week Is- HRN takes it this week with 20-point winner Euchen Glen hitting the target on Friday at York.

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Nothing to mention this week-
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