The Sunday Supplement – 04/10/20

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Welcome to The Sunday Supplement by PuntHub.

A weekly roundup of all Punthub tipsters. The Supplement runs Saturday To Friday, meaning Yesterday is the start of next week’s roundup.

-Onwards with our weekly overview..

Lay 2 Liability
“Some days you are a pigeon, some days you are a statue”
40 winning bets from 52 selections but a small loss of £3 this week. September a whole produced 189 selections with 154 winning bets (81.48% Strike rate) and a total profit of £71.85 to £10 liability. Steady profit is the name of the game when laying and it is providing exactly that.

Worth noting we are also recording them as straight lays (lay to win £10) which has to date returned £542 profit.
Either which way you spin it, it’s a profitable lay service and there aren’t very many of those around!

Moving into our 3rd full month providing no drastic pitfall we will be looking to end the trial towards the end of the month.

Racing Ross
Leaves us after a far from ideal month on the trial sheet.

The Betting Edge (new for September)
Thirteen winners this week and just scraping a profit in September after 295 staked. LORD BADDESLEY (4) and VORASHANN (4) both worthy of a mention. At 4 points down from 18 staked its not an ideal start to the month but its only the first week of October and there’s plenty of time to turn the month around. 

Bestway Racing
Seven winners and actually a pretty solid week for Bestway.
Redarna the first of two noteworthy winners hitting the target at 8/1 while Glen Force won at Nottingham returning 7 points profit.

38.31 points profit for September from 107 staked and he doesn’t look too bad at all now going into the winter. 2.00 points profit so far for October from 5 staked.

Top Draw
Just two winning Draws this week and not a lot to shout about for the last couple of months now with back to back losing months in August and September. Nimes to draw with Lens and Kofu to draw with Verdy the only selections returning the profit. Ended September -5 from 18 staked to add. Could do with a strong October.

Eye For Info
Leaves us this month, it really doesn’t bet enough to captivate an audience.

High Five
Three winners and a solid end to the month for High Five. Ventura Flame returned 9 points profit and Flying Moon knocked in a 7-point winner at Hamilton.

It’s been High Five’s best month to date with 34.00 points profit from 27 staked or a very solid 125.93% ROI to BOG. It looks strong to BFSP also recording 123.41% or 33.32 points profit for September. October hasn’t quite started the same way with -2 so far but I’m very confident the service will turn that around no problem.

Small volume. Solid returns. Forever free.

You can join the above free services here

Taylor Made
Hero to villain this week with only four winners this time out. Striding Edge the only mentionable winner of his selections returning a very solid 12.00 points profit.

Still ended the month well at 111.58 points profit from 367 staked or 30.40% ROI. October is off t a less than ideal start however with -18.68 from 22 staked. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster but as we’ve seen before it can produce big profits from anywhere.

Wedge Winners
Eighteen winners this week once again for WW who ended September strong and will look to keep the form rolling into October. Innerpickle returned 8.00 points profit at Newton Abbot and Natty Night was the other selection worthy of a mention returning 4.5 points profit after a 10p R4.

138.02 points profit in September or a very solid 43.40% to BOG.
Also returned his strongest strike rate to date at 31.45% or 100 winners.

Six winners this week and a profit returned from a tough month for HRN. Imperium Blue the biggest of his winners returning 18 points profit while Innerpickle also added to the noteworthy winners with an 8-point profit. 25 points returned for September which is a notoriously slippy month for PuntHub services.

5 months of back to back profit and while October has started much the same way as September there’s plenty of time and as we’ve just seen, the service can and will turn a profit from a tricky position.

Home Form
Two out of four for last time out and no profit for HF. Ipswich Town and LASK providing the winners but Amstetten and Austria Wien failing to produce. 5 bets out for this weekend + an acca, lets hope its a big winning week for HF.

Tipping Point
Not been a great September for TP at 31 points down. But October is already losing up at 5.50 up from 6 staked so far. Three winner’s this week with Sizing at Midnight at 5.5 and Imperial Presence at 6, both noteworthy winners and both coming to kick October off on the right foot.

With the pattern of a losing month every 3 months hopefully it rings true and Tipping Point will be back in the Black for October.

The Master Plan
Five winners this week and a month to forget for TMP ending September at -43.95. Lady Danger the most Noteworthy of his winners returning 3.5 points profit and getting October off to the right start.

The Final Furlong
After 3 years of tipping I’m calling time on my Irish only betting service. Poor results coupled with time constraints mean it’s time to put it to bed. I’ll still throw out the odd bet into the private telegram channel for ex members but it’s hardly worth charging money for.

How’s the results?

View the results here

So what’s to watch?
Tipping Pointgonna stick my neck out and say Tipping Point will do well this month with the results appearing to tell a story. Two winners to kick the month off may be the indicator.
Bestway Racing- 38.31 points profit last month from a service that has truly turned around his fortunes after his August struggles. Recorded his best strike rate ever too at 24.30% or 26 winners. Hopefully October is just as good and he’ll be in a strong position.

Winner of the Week Is- HRN takes the crown this week with Imperium Blue bagging a solid 18 points profit at Ripon. Gotta love a big winner!

A note from the author

I spoke a lot last week about the changes to come and I’m hopeful most of you read it..
Something to note this week is that PuntHub as a platform has been accepted by UKAST – the Association of Sports Tipsters.

This is a positive step for both us as a service and you as a member as it demonstrates our commitment to full transparency and honesty in our dealings with you.

In an otherwise grim landscape UKAST aim to be a guiding light, a regulatory body aiming to implement rules & regulations around ‘tipsters’ and tipping companies such as ourselves. Feel free to go and check UKAST out.

If anyone has any questions or wants to join our chat community you’re more than welcome.Be nice, say hi.

At PuntHub we love feedback – so please let us know what you think by replying to this email!If you’d rather it be anonymous you can use the contact form. I promise we don’t bite.
Enjoy Your Sunday.


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