The Sunday Supplement – 27/09/20

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Welcome to The Sunday Supplement by PuntHub.

A weekly roundup of all Punthub tipsters. The Supplement runs Saturday To Friday, meaning Yesterday is the start of next week’s roundup.

Onwards with our weekly overview..

Lay 2 Liability
32 from 37 this week with the bank swelling by £34 to £10 fixed liability. Has teetered for partsof the month but that’s no bad thing, and now appears to be stepping forward once more. The month to date stands at +£60 (to £10 lays) with a near 82% strike rate – impressive, and steady.

Important to note that the author will not sell until he is satisfied it has proven itself over a period of 400+ lays, and has a solid staking plan in place.

I personally follow and you should too. A quality free trial that ticks away making steady profit.

Racing Ross (new for September)
Four winners this week attempting to pull the service out the hole its in at the moment. Blackjack Boy was good value at 13/2, 1.5 e/w and Outonpatrol also hit the target at 10/1 for 12 points returned.

227.5 staked for a return of -65 this month and its really not gone to plan for Ross so far.

The Betting Edge (new for September)
Fifteen winners this week and his form was rescued by a flurry of late in the week winners. DANCING IN THE SKY adding 4.5 points profit one of two winners on Thursday that are both worthy of a mention. TALKTOMENOW the other winner adding 4 points. 

At 15.89 points profit for September from 246 staked and an ROI of just 6% Betting Edge really needs to kick on and continue to show his quality over the next 4 weeks, after as torrid start to his trial.

Bestway Racing
20.21 points up this month and Bestway is keeping its head above water for now. At 7.33% ROI overall from 215.5 staked it certainly needs to kick on. Three winners this week with Genesius at 5/1 and Bregurt Boy at 6/1 both noteworthy.

Top Draw
2 draws this week and not a lot of progress to speak of for TD Leyton Orient to draw with Mansfield and Gremio to draw with Palmeiras both returning the profit this week. 

Eye For Info
No bets this week

High Five
Three bets two winners and one happy bunch of followers this week for High 5.

Foreign Legion knocked in 5.00 points profit while Lucky Lodge added another 7 points.

21 points profit from 14 staked this month and a very respectable 150.00% ROI from the forever free service this month. 
Small volume. Solid returns. Forever free.

You can join the above free services here

Taylor Made
Fifteen winners this week and a bit of a losing run to cap off a solid week. Mabel Jane the slugger of his winners this week at 18.62 points profit. Memory Tree another good winner adding 8.68 while Not So Sleepy 5.60 points and provided a little cheer during his end of week losing spell. 

At around 220 points profit overall and 150+ points profit for September the service looks incredibly strong even with a bit of a losing spell the last couple of days of the week. 

We set an initial cap at 50 members, there’s only around 6 left now. Grab your place here

Wedge Winners
18 winners this week and a steady plod in the right direction for WW. Pink Sheets hit the target adding 6.5 points profit. Amalfi Doug the other noteworthy winner from his tips this week adding 8 points profit at Perth.

126.14 points profit this month and 280.22 points overall, while its not achieving massive point winners it is steadily knocking them in.
If its good enough for our Steve, then its good enough for anyone!

Six winners this week and a massive winner doing all of the work for HRN who can knock in a profit for the month from anywhere. Isla Kai the big one this week and (spoiler alert) easily the winner of the week adding 36 points profit. Aussie Stormer also worth a mention adding 16 points profit.

34.40 points profit for the month and after talking about the service struggling at the start of September its testament to the long term nature of the game. Short term doesn’t win and those that got itchy and couldn’t stick it will now be kicking themselves.

HRN marches on.

Home Form
Lech Poznan and Mura both on target for home form last weekend with the double returning just over a point profit. This weekends bets are out, more next week.

Tipping Point
At -20 for the month it looks like Tipping Point has formed a pattern with a losing month every 3rd month with January and June also showing a loss. No winners this week and it looks nailed on for a losing month with not much of September left.

As always long term is the goal.

The Master Plan
Three winners this week and the bogey month the is September has struck again. Seas Of Elzaam was noteworthy adding 4 points profit while Decisive Edge also gets a mention adding 4 points profit also.

Been a pretty disastrous month at -43.45 from 84 staked. September has been a notoriously difficult month but the longermers will win once again.

The Final Furlong
One winner this week with Dreal Deal returning 3.50 points profit at Navan.

How’s the results?

View the results here

So what’s to watch?
High 5– 21 points profit this month, two winners from three bets at solid prices and a very respectable overall ROI of 48.70% makes High 5 perhaps the best free service on the market right now. no doubt in my mind that for the grand sum of zero its well worth adding to your portfolio.

Wedge Winners– highest strike rate ever this month with 86 winners or a 32.33% SR. to BOG he’s looking incredibly strong at 126.14 points profit this month. At 73.90 the “My accounts banned” bunch can enjoy plenty of profit too. More winners this week and a steady climb make for a very palatable experience following WW.

Winner of the Week Is- HRN lands himself winner of the week with 36-point winner Isla Kai at Redcar on Wednesday.

A note from the author
I want to take this week as an opportunity to talk about our plans for PuntHub and the future. Last week we announced that High 5 would be our first forever free service. Bringing a quality free tipster for everyone to follow and hopefully earn from for months and years to come. This brings about the very first in our change of attitude and direction moving forwards.

The whole idea of PuntHub was and is to bring on board quality winning tipsters at a good value price to follow. This ethos remains the same, and while quality cannot always be assured as there is no crystal ball in this, it is betting, that doesn’t mean we should settle for less. Taylor Made is a fantastic new addition to our paid services, Wedge Winners is flying, HRN can be depended upon. And Tipping Point & The Master Plan predictably bumble along making profits more months than not.

So what is to come from PuntHub going forward?
We have spoke between us (myself Ben, & business partner Tom) and we have set out a vision that we aim to offer 3 to 4 free services at any one time. At least 2 of those spots are to be held by forever free services, one being High 5, and the other slot to be used to proof a new face we have good faith will become a paid for service.

This means the rotation of free tipsters will slow, but the quality of free tipsters will rise.

Obviously we have 8 free trial services in total, discount High 5 that means 7 tipsters currently trying to showcase their goods. These will be whittled down starting at month end.

We hope everyone can be on board with this change and that it brings PuntHub to the best it can possibly be.

If anyone has any questions or wants to join our chat community you’re more than welcome.Be nice, say hi.

At PuntHub we love feedback – so please let us know what you think by replying to this email!If you’d rather it be anonymous you can use the contact form. I promise we don’t bite.
Enjoy Your Sunday.


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