What ya’ watching Wednesday?

Wednesday watchers is your time and place to see a midweek what’s to watch.  

Taylor Made
18 winners this week and plenty to rave about for the Taylor! Laurentia smashed in 25 points while Led Astray added 19.33 points and Bringitonboris added a whopping 27.72 points to seal his place as a premium tipster. 226.20 points profit or a huge 39.14% ROI to BFSP means £20 a month is a tiny investment for that level of return. Join here and get involved– spaces are limited to just fifty and I believe there are about 10 or so spaces left.  

Wedge Winners
111.02 points profit this month and wedge is still absolutely flying. With a BOG ROI of 15.93% Wedge is looking really strong and with a profitable month every month since December 2019 he looks really solid long term. Followers have been jumping on board and you should be to at just £20 a month.

Pulled a profit from absolutely nowhere once again. 4 winners so far today (Wednesday) and the month has swung from treading water to +50. Take that – It only takes a minute, is an adequate song right now. £15 a month for tips over 5/1 (average price 10/1), take the emotion out of betting and you’re over 350 points up this year with HRN alone. Bangers.  

Good luck

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