The Sunday Supplement 06/09/20

Good Morning!

Welcome to The Sunday Supplement by PuntHub. 
A weekly roundup of all Punthub tipsters. The Supplement runs Saturday To Friday, meaning Yesterday is the start of next week’s roundup.

One or two things to mention this week but I’ll mention those in my section near the bottom.

Onwards with our weekly overview..

Lay 2 Liability
The standout service of the week for me.
48 winners from 57 bets makes a huge 84% strike rate for the lay service. 
He’s added another £53 to the bank at £10 liability.

My personal bank has now doubled plus a little bit, sitting around £216 from £100 starting bank around 2 weeks ago. Certainly looking solid & consistent.

Get your hands on the lays here

Racing Ross (new for September)
Not starting on the best of form without a winner in his seventeen bets this week.
-26 for his first week with us and that leaves him with a bit of a hill to climb. 
Early doors, let’s hope it’s first day nerves!

The Betting Edge (new for September)
Six winners to start Betting Edge off but as with RR already finding himself behind. ALNASEEM well worth a mention returning 5 points profit and LEQUINTO the other noteworthy selection returning 5.5 points profit.
-16 in his first week with us, plenty of time though.

Bestway Racing
Eight winners this week and almost moved out of the red this week only to hit a losing spell once more. Delph Cresent worth a mention at 4/1 and Tempus another good tip returning 5 points profit.
-5 overall and ended August 20 points down. 

Top Draw
Four draws last weekend and just one selection returning anything. Nancy to draw with Guincamp returned 2 points profit. Football returns over the next week or two so id expect things to change.

Eye For Info
No bets this week

Taylor Made
Sixteen winners this week and he’ll be glad to buy himself more than just one winner! Iffraaz early worth a mention returning a massive 41.62 points profit from one tip. A Case Of Youalso worth a mention returning 11 points profit and Jerandme returned just over 5 points profit at 18/5 SP. 23.1292 from 52 staked for September and 90.57 from 359 staked overall.

A slight change for September with Taylor bringing the previously un-used half of his system into play meaning more bets, but hopefully more profit. He’s also advising BOG prices but sticking with BSP too, to give everyone an option when following. It’ll be interesting to see the difference going forward.

High Five
No bets this week

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Wedge Winners
Fourteen winners this week and a tough start to September for WW. Galah his only noteworthy winner this week at Thirsk returning 4 points profit.

Ended August at 5 points down and is currently 11 points down for September.

Ten winners and not a great start to September after ending August a very strong 41.73 points up.

Prince Of Abington a solid 10-point winner at Ascot and Wightman also noteworthy returning 6 points at Salisbury.

-5.20 so far in the first week of September so all still very much to play for.

Home Form
America-MG obliged but Sporting Kansas drew meaning the double failed to convert. Again another service that will be ready for the return of football in Europe where pickings will be far richer.

You can join here and get a discount for the full season! 


Clerk of the Course
Leaves us after yo-yo-ing between free and paid.
We wish Tom all the best. 

Tipping Point
Nothing on the board this week for TP.

The Master Plan
Just one winner this week with Kayewhykelly the only tip on target returning 2.5 points profit.August finished a steady 20 points up and he will be hoping for more of the same this month.

The Final Furlong
Two winners this week for FF with Rapid Response in at 2/1 and Baron Semedi a good winner at 9/4 BOG. 

How’s the results?

View the results here

So what’s to watch?

Taylor Made- A big 40 odd point winner this week underlines how good the service can be. Needs to keep hold of the consistency though to really impress followers. Subscribe free here.

Lay2Liability– On the other hand consistency is certainly something L2L can offer. 80% Strike rate overall, 82% strike rate for August, and 82% strike rate so far in September. Said to be a ‘slow burner’ it has doubled my £100 starting bank in around 2 weeks, hardly slow in my eyes.
Follow the lays here

Winner of the Week Is- Iffraaz takes top spot for Taylor Made returning a stunning 41.62 points profit at Kempton.
Shoutout also for Lay2Liability, hitting a 1.79 place lay returning £12.66 profit for a £10 liability!

A note from the author
Ah yes, the mess that was the Messi saga comes to a Messi end. He’s staying put – for a year.I guess I was foolish to think he could walk out of that place for free.

Couple of things to note this week:

A charitable gesture & a bit of fun..
Times are hard, the economy is on it’s knees and just about all are suffering. Notably some charities.

Around this time last year I was probably sat in hospital in Leicester being told my son had suffered a heart attack and they had no idea if he would make it or not. Unfortunately he didn’t in the end.

Anyway – whilst in hospital we were helped by a charity called Heart Link.
They provide parent rooms, along with equipment for the hospital & all that kind of stuff. 

Last year after all was said & done we did a gofundme and helped the charity out. Everything was still a bit raw and I hadn’t really any ideas how I could raise them some money.

This year I’d like to use the football to help raise them a bit of money in these hard times.

The idea is to use a game called last man standing.. 
Anyone can start a ‘Last Man Standing’ football competition. All you need is a group of people and a list of football fixtures. The idea behind Last Man Standing is easy to follow.

Each week people taking part in the competition pick one team from a list of fixtures. Importantly, a player cannot select the same team/club more than once – so you can’t pick Man City or Liverpool every week!

If your chosen team wins, you’ll progress to the next round, should your team lose or draw, you’ll be eliminated. The competition continues week by week until one person is left – that person is the winner and will be crowned the ‘Last Man/Woman Standing’

I have found an app to run this, but I’m happy to run it on excel on my laptop for those that aren’t overly tech savvy!

My suggestion would be £10 entry with 50% of the pot going to Heart Link, the other 50% to the eventual winner.

If you’re interested please do email me. You can either donate £5 directly to them, and pay the £5 entry fee. Or pay £10 and I will donate it altogether.

help@punthub, – if you’re interested.

The other thing I wanted to introduce is ‘refer & earn’

Introduce a friend to any of our paid services & we’ll knock you £10 off your next payment.With almost everyone seemingly down a few points so far in September now is probably the time to join (peaks & troughs!)

If anyone has any questions or wants to join our chat community you’re more than welcome.Be nice, say hi.

At PuntHub we love feedback – so please let us know what you think by replying to this email!If you’d rather it be anonymous you can use the contact form. I promise we don’t bite.
Enjoy Your Sunday.


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