The Sunday Supplement 30/08/20

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Welcome to The Sunday Supplement by PuntHub. 
A weekly roundup of all Punthub tipsters. The Supplement runs Saturday To Friday, meaning Yesterday is the start of next week’s roundup.

Onwards with our weekly overview.

Lay 2 Liability
£63 profit to £10 liability for the week.
35 Lays this week, 32 being successful – a brilliant 91% Strike Rate as the service begins to excel.

My personal bank has increased from the £100 start bank to £146 before todays selections were placed. Once I reach £200 I will move to £20 liability.

Overall very happy and the service is moving forwards nicely, very much one to follow if you can pop bets on when they come around mid day.

Bestway Racing
One winner this week, advuised at 15/2 but a rule 4 taking the returns down to 6. The pressure begins to mount as Bestway slips to -11 overall and -27 this month. Lets hope the winner is the turning point and he can get back on track.

Top Draw
No winners this week for TD, and no winners from his 7 bets so far this month.

Eye For Info
Commentators curse this week with all three tips failing to convert this time around. 9.98 overall and 6.48 in August.

Taylor Made
Four winners this week and operation give back in full effect.
Andaleep the only selection worth mentioning adding 5 points profit back. Currently 58.28 points profit for August so still well up but considering the service started the week on 108 points profit its a big dip. 

High Five
Nothing this week for High Five with N/R’s also playing havoc for HF system this week. 5.1 points profit for August and 50.10 points profit overall.
Looking strong with just one losing month since the trial began.

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Wedge Winners
A whopping twenty-one winners this week for WW. Fancy Footings the only noteworthy returning 5 points profit at Wolverhampton and Jamacho the other noteworthy winner returning 5 points at Southwell.

Despite 21 winners the service hasn’t really progressed this week with just 5.58 points profit for August and 137 points profit overall.

Fourteen winners this week ant a huge 60 point leap this time around! 
Melburnian a big big winner at Chelmsford City this week returning 20 points profit. Extrodinair also returned 20 points profit at Chelmsford. Sir Titan the final winner to note with a 10-point return at Goodwood.

363.05 points profit overall for HRN with 54.33 points returned for August.
It’ll be four back to back months of profit come month end.

Home Form
DAC obliged but LAFC failed to convert for a slight 1.33-point loss.
More tips out this weekend and next seasons group is open,Join now for just £99 for the whole season!

Clerk of the Course
Nothing on the board this week for Clerk, -7.30 points for August and the service looks set to return free for September.
94.23 points profit overall from 494 staked, still boasting a solid ROI to BOG at 19.07% 

Tipping Point
Four winners this week and 9 points profit for the week for TP. Mighty Blue a noteworthy winner adding 10 points profit and Ecliptical returning 9.6 points profit at 16/1. Trundling along at 13.35 points profit for the month from 80 staked with an ROI of 16.69% and on the verge of back to back months of profit.

I like Tipping Point because the service just does what it aims to do. Twelve winning months from his sixteen with us shows that the head down, let the results do the talking approach works. Unsung hero.

The Master Plan
Just Like TP The Master Plan is another service that just gets the job done. Four winners this week with Huddle Up on target at Cork returning 7.5 points profit. Erzindjan the other tip worth a mention converting at Cork returning 3.33 points.

Sitting steady as you like at 21.94 points profit for the month and like TP looking at back to back profitable months.

The Final Furlong
Place and a winner this week from a quiet Irish service. Decor Irlandais the winner at 9/2 returning 2.7 points profit. 0.59 down from 25 staked this month, at least its not a big loss.

How’s the results?

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So what’s to watch?

The Master Plan
Consistently profitable over 23 months now and will be with us 2 years next month. Just four losing months over those 2 years and managing to maintain an ROI close to 20% overall over the entirety of the service. 20.94 points profit and its steady away once again for captain consistent of the HMS PuntHub (sorry Alex).

Tipping Point
Same old boring consistency here again. 13.35 points profit and back to back profitable months and just 4 losing months since joining in March 2019. You want consistency. You want stability, you want Tipping Point (or Masterplan, or both).

Mr Big money returns to ‘what’s to watch’ once again boasting a big 60 points profit this week. A handful of winners last weekend at Chelmsford helping him on his way to such a handsome return for the week. Much like the other two he can wear the Mr boring consistency cap (unless your one of the panickers that cancel as soon as the service even slightly struggles) 

Winner of the Week Is- 
Extrodinair and Melburnian fought it out for top spot. But both selections won for HRN who regains the winner of the week crown! No contest this week with both winners well ahead of everything else. 

A note from the author
Congrats to worthy Champions League winners Bayern. It seems like an eternity ago now, given that I’m about to watch the Community Shield but it was probably the right result, albeit PSG played well.

It’s getting a bit Messi.Never in my life did I think I would hear the words Lionel Messi has handed in a transfer request. Every year he gets linked with all the top clubs but never before has he handed in a transfer request to my knowing. I hope for everyone who watches the Premier League he signs for City. Not just because I’m a City fan, but wouldn’t it be great to see ‘the best player in the world’ in the Prem. Mouth-watering.

It’d be rude not to talk about Horse Racing wouldn’t it?

An excellent week for the two big mainstays. HRN & The Master Plan. I set out for the month thinking as long as HRN doesn’t lose 100 points, ie if he finishes around 10 points down, I’m really not worried after last month. Not saying I don’t want members to make a profit but when you chuck in a 100+ month I’m not gonna be disappointed if you don’t hit the highs again the month after. All about that long term profit and HRN delivers that alright

Master Plan just keeps chipping away doesn’t he? I used to get worried or frustrated month to month but having completed almost 2 years it’s fair to say I don’t (and don’t need to) worry about it. It does it’s thing and usually always ends the month in profit. Why he doesn’t have 400 monthly members yet I really don’t know! It’s one of the longest standing and most consistent betting products on the market today – do your research.

I’m also hugely impressed with the lays. As mentioned in the main supplement I actually follow these and they’ve been super consistent. Slow burner that makes consistent profits will do me just fine.

Enjoy the sunshine.

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Enjoy Your Sunday.


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