Europa League Final – Sevilla vs Inter Preview

What a final in store! You cant really argue that these teams are in the final, both teams were expected to get to the latter rounds of the competition and will now look to lift the trophy to make it that much more sweet. On one hand we have Sevilla who took advantage of a wasteful United then a Inter team who demolished Shakhtar with ease.

Sevilla last 5 games – DWWWW
Sevilla last 5 Europa Games – DDWWW

Sevilla will be counting there chickens after a very lucky victory vs a wasteful Man United. They have a lot to thank Bono for in goals who will have an equally difficult night ahead for him. They took there goals well and will be looking to do the same here and work on the counter attack that worked out well in the last game. They will look to pack the midfield to try isolate Inters attack and in large parts it worked very well against Man United.

Inter last 5 games – WWWWW
Inter last 5 Europa Games – WWWWW

Inter will be looking at this game licking there lips, a wealth of talent that look sure to be up for this and a huge chance of a big win here looms. Martinez and Lukaku were unstoppable in the last game and when playing like that, not much defences will be able to cope with them. The defence was able to limit Shakhtar to half chances at best and they will be looking to do the same here. A slightly aging team leaves some of these players hoping to get a european trophy before they might struggle at the highest level.

Stats Time
Sevilla average 1.82 goals per game and on average concede 0.45 goals per game
Yet to score in the first 15 minutes in Europe and score most of there goals between 75-90
Inter average 2.6 goals per game and concede 0.4 goals per game.
Also yet to score within the first 15 minutes in Europe and like there counterparts score most goals between 75-90.
Sevilla last 5 Europa games average 12.2 corners per game
Inters last 5 Europa games average 9.2 corners per game
Referee has shown 3 or more cards in his last 8 out of 9 european games.
Score Prediction – Inter 4-1

Well what a game we have in store and due to Inters impressive win in the Semi Final I make them large favourites here. A wealth of talent on the pitch leaves them with big firepower and plenty of defensive stability to make a winning formula.

Over 2.5g 1/1 2pts

1st goal 21-30 5/1 1pt

2+ corners each team each half 7/2 1pt

Bet Builder
Over 2 goals
Over 1 card Sevilla
Over 0 cards Inter
Over 9 corners
Inter to lift trophy
Odds – 8/1 1pt

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