The Sunday Supplement – 16/08/20

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Welcome to The Sunday Supplement by PuntHub.
A weekly shakedown of tipster performance over the last week.
Please note that the supplement starts on Saturday and ends on Friday, meaning yesterdays bets are the start of next week.

Lay 2 Liability
Has only bet 4 days this week with 31 correct lays this week from 39 bets, a very good strike rate. The losers unfortunately drag the profit down to £10.06 to £10 fixed liability per lay. Early days but £30 up since advising current and max lay prices. We’ve moved the lays into their own channel so not to clog up the free tips feed on telegram & posted a bit more detailed information about the service, the authors, and how the bets are formed. 

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Bestway Racing
No winners this week for Bestway, He currently sits -18 for the month and -1.92 overall. 

Top Draw
No bets this week.

Eye For Info
A much busier week this time out for EFI with Three winners to mention. Aristocratic Lady & Coltrane both worthy of a mention forming the 2/2 100% day on Saturday. At 5.98 points profit for the month and 2.48 from 5 staked this month it may not sound like a lot but the service is in a profit nonetheless.

Taylor Made
Ten winners this week and very slowly giving back some of his profits this week. Daafr still impressed adding 38 points profit and Tattenhams was first past the post at Hamilton for a 15-point return. At 119 points profit for his first month on trial he’s still absolutely flying despite a slightly slower week. 
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High Five
No winners this week. At 45.5 points overall and a very slender 0.5 points profit for August the service isn’t in a tough spot at all.

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Wedge Winners
It must be a record at thirty-two winners this week for WW and an 11-point step forward for the service. Sloane Peterson got in the winners at Cork adding 7.5 points profit. Victory Chime also noteworthy adding 7 points profit at Windsor, Enduring the final noteworthy winner adding 14 points. At 15 points up this month and not a single losing month since December 2019 when the trial started, Wedge winners is looking like a very reliable long-term service.

Sixteen winners this week and another big step forward for HRN. River Alwen hit the target at Haydock for a very respectable 12 points returned. Tattenhams added to that with an 11-point profit at Hamilton and Bear Claws the other big winner of his week adding 10 points at Tramore. 40 odd points of profit this week shows you why long term is the only way to play. 348 points profit overall and a very respectable 38.30 points profit for August.

Top of the (tipping) pops?

Home Form
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Clerk of the Course
One winner this week with Throne Hall the only tip in the winner’s circle at Hamilton for a 2-point profit. Currently sat 10 points down from 28 staked and 91.23 points profit overall. Bit of a rollercoaster service struggling to find consistency, but if it finds some consistency the concept is a great one.

Tipping Point
Three winners this week and a small step forward for Tipping Point. Tarnawa the pick of the trio knocking in 8 points profit at Cork. 4 points profit so far from 33 staked for August and 238.03 points profit overall. 

The Master Plan
Three winners and two of them really providing the punch this week. Single on target at Salisbury for a 6.5-point return and Zambezi Magic lumped in a hefty 11 points profit. 8.38 points profit this month from 26 staked and 357.71 overall. Consistent.

The Final Furlong
Three winners and little by little the Irish guy is moving forward. Armory added 1.38 and The Trigger added another 1.25 to move FF to 2.23 points profit for August and 99.80 points profit overall. I’d like to think I’m improving all the time & trying to be selective in my tipping.

How’s the results?

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So what’s to watch?

Taylor Made- It’s harder following services with high output but Taylor is showing his worth with a 20 point gain this week despite giving back some of his 38-point winner. Profit is still profit either way you split it.

HRN- High volume but as with Taylor proving he’s worth the effort with 40+ points profit over the course of this week from his 16 winners.

Winner of the Week Is

Suits you sir! Taylor Made once again claims the top spot with his 38-point winner Daafr at Haydock.

A note from the author
Did you know.. All our results are updated daily, we don’t hide from the truth here.

You should always do your research before joining any tipping service. Asking for a refund 3 days into a monthly subscription would suggest you have not done that, and nor have you given the service time to do what it should.

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