The Sunday Supplement – 09/08/20

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Onwards with our weekly overview..

Lay 2 Liability
A week of two halves for L2L with a tweak to the service really proving the difference so far. Pirate Lass adding 6.28 points profit and Enemy adding 7 points profit both instrumental in bringing the overall loss down to -£27 to £10 fixed Liability per lay. 

These lays are a bit more like a live service with bets 2-3 times a day, posted to our free telegram group and can come 10 mins before the first race. If you’d like to follow the lays (and all our other free tips), download the Telegram App and hit

Note that I am very confident these will be a success in time, so are worth following!

Bestway Racing
Just one winner this week with Bollin Joan the only selection on target from 20+ selections this week. The 12/1 winner subject to a 10p R4 returning 10.8 points profit. -6.2 so far this month after wracking up 16 points profit for July.

Top Draw
No bets this week. Looks like the service has gone quiet for the time being.

Eye For Info
No bets till Saturday, more on how they got on next week. 

Taylor Made
In some absolute form this week with fourteen winners this week and two absolutely massive winners to drive TM past the 100-point mark in 70 selections.

Clem A the biggest of the winners at bath, 62.72 points profit on just one selection.
Minhaaj also noteworthy adding 21.56 points profit.

111.27 points profit for the first week with an ROI of 158.95%.
All of this to Betfair SP so absolutely no need to go round chasing prices with bookies.
A fantastic start and no doubt more will be sitting up and taking notice of the Taylor!

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High Five
The Navigator was the only selection on target this week for High Five, the winner at Catterick returning 6.5 points profit. 2.5 points profit so far for August and by no means anything to worry about.

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Wedge Winners
Twenty-two winners this week but no real forward step for WW in what’s been a slightly tougher start to August. Bollin Joan provided twenty points of profit and mounted a worthy challenge for winner of the week while Speedy Cargo is also noteworthy adding 5 points profit at Cartmel.

Half a point up from 89 bets, it could be far worse!

Eight winners this week and a tough start to August for HRN. Still had some good winners though with Hua Mulan hitting the target at 17 and Pista in the winner’s circle at 15.  

-3.2 from 85 staked so far and as with WW there’s really nothing to worry about.

Home Form
Pre-season discount is live!!Grab your season pass before the Premier League restarts for just £99Price as of season start will be £120

Clerk of the Course
Two winners for August and not a great start to the month for Clerk. Dark Voyager a winner adding 1.75 points and Eight and Bob the other tip on target at 5, a 20p Rule 4 meant it was only 3.27 points profit. -6.80 points down with plenty of the month left to turn it around. 

Tipping Point
Five winners this week for TP. Royal Aide a winner at 4 and Camphor the other noteworthy tip on target adding 3 points profit. 21 points profit for July and 2 up so far for August.

If you just settle down and let the service do the work it’ll return you a profit long term.
Two losing months all year prove that!

The Master Plan
One winner this week but it provided the punch!
Dreamboat Annie on target returning 12 points profit at Leicester. 12.43 profit delivered for Jul and Break even for August.

Same as Tipping Point, let the service do its thing and you’ll return a long term profit.
Two losing months in 2020 and four losing months since September 2018.

That’s an unbelievable stat in an industry where you live and die by your results!!

The Final Furlong
Two winners this week and an okay start to the month for FF.
Go Another One a winner at 11/5 BOG while Anna Bunina followed up at 5/2.
0.7 points up so far for August from a low betting service is absolutely fine. 3 weeks left to run and all to play for.

How’s the results?

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So what’s to watch?
Taylor Made-  it’s been a big week for the Taylor with 111 points profit knocked in over the course of the week to restart a fresh trial. He believed he had something to offer PuntHub and that has rung true at least for the first week. Hopefully the service will continue to impress over its trial.
Lay2Liability- came in for a bit of stick last week with points dropped left right and centre. A tweak appears to be bringing the service back to the right direction with just £27 more needed to bring the service back to break even.

Winner of the Week Is- 
Suits you sir!
Taylor Made smashed in a whopping 62-point winner when Clem A hit the target at Bath. Cracking tip from a service that will hopefully go from strength to strength on trial with us.

A note from the author
Not much from me this week. A great performance Friday night from my beloved City progressing to the next stage over Spanish giants Madrid. If Bale was watching he’d be laughing to himself – although he was probably playing golf instead!

Haven’t been around much this week due to a short family holiday but what a whopper of a week fro mtaylor Made! Nobody could have predicted that upon restart.. Let’s hope it continues!

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