The Sunday Supplement 26/07/20

Good Morning!
Welcome to The Sunday Supplement by PuntHub. 

A solid week to bring us close to the end of the month.
Good weeks from the likes of Wedge Winners, HRN, Final Furlong the main talking points.

Onwards with our weekly overview..

Bestway Racing
Two winners this week and still treading water for Bestway. Derry Boy at 5.5 and Nugget at 3.25 the two selections keeping the service around break even overall after 23 staked so far.

DG USA Horse Racing Service
One winner this week and the service continues its downswing. Tio Wil the only winner this week at 5. 57 staked and 11 points down for its first month on trial. 

Top Draw
Five draws this week and slowly edging forward is better than losing. Oygarden to draw with Raufoss (3.95) and Kolding to draw with F.Amager (3.77) both noteworthy.

Currently sitting pretty at 32 points profit from 81 staked, and a solid 43% strike rate so far.

Eye For Info
No bets this week.

Taylor Made
No bets, resuming august 1st having taken an extended break.

High Five
Just one bet and no winners in what’s been a very quiet week.

High Voltage
Eight winners this week and a drift back into a loss overall for HV. Jordan Electrics noteworthy at 7.5 while Pop Dancer is another good winner at 6.5. 456 staked overall for HV with a return of -4.43 overall. Still 20 points up from 144 staked this month however. On the whole the jury is still out.

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Wedge Winners
Twenty- two winners this week from a service that just continues to hammer in the winners.
Golden Town easily the best winner of his week and a contender for WOTW at 19 while Shouldering at 7 and Jordan Electrics at 8 just a couple of the bag full of winners he’s had this week.

At 87.97 points profit 261 staked this month he and his followers are sitting very very pretty this month. 
Have a look here. 

Seventeen winners this week and another service absolutely flying this month. Topper Bill absolutely smashed it for followers at 21 to bring in 20 points profit. While Essgee Nics (11) and Shrara (10) also adding to his whopping 97.33 points profit this month from 281 staked.

HRN & Wedge Winners really do go hand in hand.. If you can handle a bank big enough to cover both, and have the discipline to follow both to the tee – you really can make great profit from them both!

Tipster Aaron
Three winners and a revival in Aarons fortunes this week. Make My Day well worth a mention at 10/1 while Tabdeed at 9/1 and Lahore at a very hefty 12/1 make for a solid week for Aaron.

11.44 the profit from his 88 staked this month. He’ll be much happier with his recent form, as am I.Clearly it’s going to be a struggle competing with systems pumping in ridiculous profits but he shouldn’t go overlooked all the same.

Home Form
No bets this week

Clerk of the Course
A painful week for clerk with no winners from 19 staked this week.
Clerk now sits break even for the month from 62 staked, it’s not the week we all hoped for, so let’s hope he can get back to winning ways before the month is out.

Tipping Point
Three winners and not much joy this week for TP. Jordan Electrics noteworthy at 8.5.
Currently 10 points down from 81 staked this month, not ideal, but not disgraced.

The Master Plan
Three winners for TMP. Kaser at 8.5 and Western Miller at 9 both Noteworthy despite a tough week.
At 19.43 points profit from 88 staked the service is still looking good for a profit in his first month back betting.He remains one of our top 2 services and absolutely no reason not to follow.

The Final Furlong
Four winners this week for our Irish man. Elegant Dan at 10/3 BOG and Shona Mea at 3/1 might not be contenders for WOTW but its a steady profit this week. 10 points profit from 34 staked this month FF is in a position to bag a profit this month after a string of four losing months.

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So what’s to watch?
No surprise on two of my suggestions-

HRN- 1 of 2 hot services this week and month. With WOTW in the bag for the week and plenty of selections on target at good prices plus nearly 100 points profit in a month, HRN is really setting a new standard in what we define an incredible service as. I can’t see the price being 15 quid forever either so get on board and enjoy the profits.

Wedge Winners- no shock that WW is the other hot service this week and month. 20 odd winners this month and only beaten to WOTW by its bigger brother HRN. It’s like a Hamilton Bottas partnership at the moment with both services enjoying competing with each other. Another must have service that’s producing wild amounts of profit at the moment.

Final Furlong- at 10 points up this month and with 4 winners in the bag this week our Irish only chap isn’t competing with the two above services but he’s on the verge of breaking a 4 month losing streak and most services would just give up. Hopefully a mention this week will encourage him to finish strong and stay in a profit!

Winner of the Week Is- 
HRN beats sister service Wedge Winners to it with 20/1 selection Topper Bill which was on target at Catterick. Chart Topper!

A note from the author
Nothing sticks out in my mind as a noteworthy discussion point this week.
Congrats to Barnsley (my former home town) scoring a 91st minute winner to keep them in the Championship (Wigan depending). The race for top 4 and bottom 3 is very much still alive heading into this afternoon in the Premier League. From a personal perspective a game at home to already relegated Norwich is meaningless but I’m sure some of the lads will want to put in a performance to try stake a claim for the Madrid game, so it’ll likely be a big score. I’ll go for 4-0. 

As for the top 4, I would rather Leicester grab the final spot, but I guess that all depends which United turn up!—

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Enjoy Your Sunday.


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