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From one of the best weeks betting last week to one of the slowest this week. Which means it’s high time to mention the right mindset to long term betting, and why you should use a betting bank.

There are a number of reasons that knowing the longest likely losing run can be important. The most important is that knowing this helps you decide what size of bank you need for the system. It’s no good using a 10 point bank for a system that you expect to hit occasional runs of ten or more losers.

Another reason is for your own psychological well being.. I’ll talk more further down in my note from the author section, but one thing last thing I will say is do some research before you join anything. It’s no use joining something & packing in 4 days later when you haven’t seen the results you expected.

Onwards with our weekly overview..

Bestway Racing
Two winners this week and almost an overall profit with 5 points wiped off the deficit. The Dancing Poet added just under 3 points back while Trueshan added 2.5. It’s very early days, one thing to note is the tips come out VERY early and seem to provide a lot of value for those that like to trade out at a lower price.

DG USA Horse Racing Service
Nothing for DG this week. Selections getting backed well but no end product for our man over the pond. 

Top Draw
Six Draws and forward march once more this week for TD. Parma to draw with Bologna was good value and noteworthy at 3.5 while Ilves to draw with KuPS also had good value at 3.3. It’s been a bit frustrating of late with 1 draw out of 3 on many occasions but it’s great to have some forward momentum again on a service I really, really like.

Eye For Info
One bet this week and no winner to speak of this time around.

High Five
One winner this week from four bets and a small profit on the week for HF.
Longroom the selection on target adding 5 points at Catterick.
25 points up for July and with very few bets it looks a good, but select service.

High Voltage
Twelve winners so far this week for the service back into the land of the living. Night On Earth noteworthy at 5.5 while Take My Hand provided 6 points profit. The service 5.99 points up overall from 411 staked, that said at 31.15 for July the service has almost matched its highest total (36.25 February) since the service started. Could it be a turning point for the good?

You can join the above free services here

Wedge Winners
Twenty winners this week from a service that’s rather flown under the radar at 61.55 points profit so far this month, although this week hasn’t gone as well with no real gain in terms of overall profit. Plenty of winners though with Coole Lion (9.5) Garth Rockett (7.5) and Valeria Messalina (6.5) just a trio of the worthy mentions this week.
Have a look here. 

Four winners this week and the downturn had to come eventually. Deposit was a worthy 11-point winner at Bath and Acklam Express was another big winner at Hamilton for a 10-point profit and at least bringing a couple of big winners. 
Long term staking is required and I’ve mentioned it a few weeks ago.
Only tipping selections at 5/1+ means that losing runs will happen as we gradually return to consistent racing.

Set your bank. Stick to the plan. Give it more than 4 days. Enjoy the long term profit.

Tipster Aaron
A double and a single in the bag for Aaron this week and a slight reprieve. May Remain the single on target at 13/2 while Lady Celia and Meraas formed the winning double that returned 14.75 points profit. July is still an eye sore at -13.77 points down but the winners will hopefully spark a return to profit for the first time since March.

Home Form
No bets this week

Clerk of the Course
Four winners this week to keep Clerk afloat this month. Dear Shire a worthy winner returning 15 points. Rocky Blue earning followers a 6-point profit at Leopardstown and adding to the noteworthy winners. Fingers crossed for some more before month end!

Tipping Point
Five winners and no real forward momentum this week for TP. Inductive and lick lighter providing most of the profit this week. 
As always stick to your long term plans, this is a proven service with extensive results and pedigree that hasn’t been made up. 

The Master Plan
Three winners this time out for TMP.
Sound Of Iona a noteworthy winner at 6.Still in profit for the month despite a slow week with a lot of near misses

The Final Furlong
No winners this week.

How’s the results?

So what’s to watch?Nothing really sticks out this week so I thought id look at a couple of service that I think will make progress next week:

DG Racing – has impressive credentials but so far hasn’t shown us what he can do. It may just be a case of starting the trial on a losing run so fingers crossed we see the service that matches previous results.

Home Form-  an absolute favourite of mine that I’ve followed religiously. Its up a very respectable 24.37 points for July and bets in leagues I don’t often look at. Hopefully there’s a bet for next week!

HRN- Not all hero’s wear capes, but some send tips! With two months of profit and over 100 points banked since lockdown was eased and rain resumed HRN was due a blip and it’s duly come. Its important now not to get itchy feet, maintain your staking plan and stick to it. With only two losing months since October 2019 I’m very confident the upward trend will resume. 


Winner of the Week Is- The Clerk of the Course snags top spot this week with 14-point winner Dear Shire at Bangor. What a banger! — 

A note from the author
I’ve taken some stuff from the useful reading section of the website here for this week as opposed to me waffling.  

When it comes to addictive activities, Gambling is up there with the best of them.

This immediately means the majority of the general public will find it difficult to profit from their betting in the long term. That is, not without a major change to their mindset.

There may be days, or weeks, or even months when we do not turn a profit. We may hit a losing streak. This is built into the very nature of betting. It is essential that in this situation we do not allow our emotions to take over our actions.

Be like a casino – do not react, keep to the staking plan provided and continue placing the bets as before. Before long whatever was lost one month will be made back the next, and time itself will become your asset. It is by using the buffer of time that we will inevitably make our profits.

Keeping our mind focused on the long term, and having emotional detachment from the short term is the key to success.

It is a very simple concept, yet few people utilise this mindset and it is because of this so few ever make any significant money in the field of betting. Joining a service that seems to be turning in the profit day after day is great, but each winning day that passes brings you closer to a losing one, and/or a losing run. You absolutely HAVE to give something longer than 5 minutes if you expect to make a profit.

If you join a service or even the chat group asking for ‘a couple of winners’ then betting really isn’t for you.

I wish you all the best of luck with your new (or old) winning mindset.


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Enjoy Your Sunday.


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