The Sunday Supplement 12/07/20

Good Morning!
Welcome to The Sunday Supplement by PuntHub. 

Probably one of the best weeks tipping I’ve seen in my 10+ years in the industry. HRN contiunues July where June left off in flying form, Wedge Winners since going premium has been a one way streak of profit, & Master Plan saw a good surge in form to boot.A couple of the free services also perking up in form too which is wonderful news.

Onwards with our weekly overview..

Bestway Racing
Two winners and a small loss so far early on in the trial. A Star Above and Clearence the two selections on target. A small loss so far but its very early days.

DG USA Horse Racing Service
One winner this week but it was at a healthy price!
Tizahra the only selection on target but the winner added 10.8 points profit.
There’s not many bets and it’s niche because its USA Racing which I know nothing about, I’ve followed to small stakes & really enjoying the service.

Top Draw
Five draws and some forward momentum once more for Top Draw.
Four back to back draws forming the profit for the week with Stromgodset to draw with Kristiansund the highlight adding 2.4 points profit.

Noticing that there’s primarily 3 bets per day and it only takes 1 winner to cover the day or even make a small profit is actually a very smart service. I think this one will go right to the top in terms of football tipsters.

Eye For Info
The Resumption of racing has finally brought EFI back to the table.
Two winners this week its a good start.
Mambo Nights on target at 11/4 and Camouflaged the other winner at 11/4 also.Hopefully he keeps it going from here!

High Five
Two winners this week and Five High is building up his bank once more.
Pull Harder Con the first winner this week at 8.5.

Rose of Kildare followed up to make it two winners from three bets this week adding 14 points profit.Another with very few bets but pumping in winners – love this one.

High Voltage
Plenty of winners this week & when I last check it was around +30.
Haven’t yet grabbed the results I deleted but I’ll ensure I get them and provide a proper update next week.

You can join the above free services here

Goal Force (automated football bot)Well, it looks like the value that GoalForce had done so well on in the past has gone away.  Maybe this is due to the pandemic reducing the volume of games or even changing the odds offered at certain points in games which are different now compared to previously.  Whatever has happened, if we have lost the value edge we had, then we need to pause GoalForce and think about spinning it back up again when we think the volume and betting patterns might have returned to something that we can take advantage of again.

Thanks to everyone who has supported and enjoyed GoalForce (during the good and tough runs).  We’ll keep the groups open and send out a message if we decide to spin it back up in the next few months.

Wedge Winners
A whopping twenty winners this week and a 51.94-point profit so far this month. Summer Romance noteworthy at 10, Burning Cash adding 16 and Socially Shady at 11 just a couple of the winners that are worth a mention. At 51 points profit already this month Wedge is really flying.

With bets sent on an evening its convenient also, at just £20 its well worth joining. Have a look here. 

The award for biggest points swing definitely goes to HRN. As of Wednesday when I cover the first half of the week it was down about 15 points. By today (Saturday) its up over 50.

Fourteen winners this week and 54.50 points profit in the bank for July. Not Now Zeb a worthy mention at 15 while Song of The Isles at 12 and How Bizarre at 7 rounding off the noteworthy winners

Absolutely flying once again with 50 points profit this month, you should by now be confident that the service can produce.
Join here

Tipster Aaron
One tip and a double on target for the remaining half of Razor Racing. Full Intention the tip on target at 4/1 while Summerghand got in the winner’s circle and Frankelio a NR meaning the double returned 1.1 points.At -29 this month and without a profit in his last 2 months Aaron will know he needs to improve.

Home Form
Big week last time out for HF with a whopper landing.
10x 1 point doubles and a 1pt acca to be exact with Real Madrid, Chelsea, Leicester City, Sassuolo and Basel all on target for a very solid 18-point return.

Has returned in HUGE form since lockdown ended – why not jump on for the next week’s bets for just a fiver? 


Clerk of the Course
“Finally, a good day!” were the words of Tom after Clerk knocked in a big day of winners.

The three winners in one day his only so far this week. Tara Niece at 9, Shiroccan Roll at 9 and Irish Prophecy at 13 helping him to a 20-point profit for the day.

That’s pushed clerk into an 8.80-point profit so far for July & fingers crossed that big day will hopefully provide him some momentum to push on this month.

Tipping Point
Four winners this week with Taawfan on target at 4.5 and Oksana Astankova also worth a mention at 4.33.Taken a step back just below 0 for the month but plenty of time to improve from there.

The Master Plan
Like waiting for a bus – yet running like clockwork..
Had to wait all week for a winner then three came. Burning Cash at at 10 and Song Of The Isles also worth a mention at 15. Master Plan is currently sitting pretty at 27 points profit for July. Did we mention he’s consistent?

The Final Furlong
Four winners this week. Noble Mission on target at 2/1 and Hand in My Pocket another winner worthy of a mention at 4/1.
Our Irish only man needs a good month, and its looking good so far at 6.73 points up for July from only 18 bets. I;ve not had a profitable month in 2020 so far so fingers crossed this can change!

How’s the results?

View full results for all servicves

So what’s to watch?
HRN – 50 points up this month and after a poor start to the week the service showed its grit and turned a tough week into what looks like another profitable month double quick.  HRN can knock in winners from anywhere and he’s shown he’s more than capable enough after restarting.

Wedge Winners – another service knocking in the big numbers. At 51.94 points profit already this month WW followers will feel like they’ve got the golden ticket and are about to go into the profit factory. 

Winner of the Week Is
Song Of The Isles helps The Master Plan to top spot this week with a 14-point profit at Chepstow. 

A note from the author
The big talking point of last week was the somewhat shock defeat of Enable in the Coral Eclipse on Sunday. She looked to run a good race but tired and was fairly soundly beaten by Ghaiyyath. I think she will come on for the run and be spot on for the Arc, it just depends who lines up against her – we will see!

As mentioned at the start a great week for our guys, just about everyone pumping in some good numbers or at least a profit and it’s great to see. Remember to use a good betting bank, all services should come with a betting bank advised before you even join.

A couple of people emailed in last week and it’s probably the first time in 2 years of doing the supplement I’ve actually received any feedback. I’d love to hear from more of you!

At PuntHub we love feedback – so please let us know what you think by replying to this email!If you’d rather it be anonymous you can use the contact form. I promise we don’t bite.
Enjoy Your Sunday.


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