The Sunday Supplement 28/06/20

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Welcome to The Sunday Supplement by PuntHub. 

A reshuffle appears to be naturally happening with services suffering post lockdown slowly disappearing. High Voltage Moves on after recognising a conflict with HRN and On The Level leaves having given up. There’s plenty of services waiting in the wings to replace them and give their all to top the free trial sheet.

Onwards with our weekly overview..

Taylor Made
The service has decided to put selections on hold until at least July.

Eye For Info
No bets this week, I’d love to see some action but you can’t force these things.

High Five
The service has since decided to put selections on hold until at least July.

High Voltage
The author has had a look and decided due to many clashing selections with HRN he doesn’t wish to steal the limelight from the curently in-form tipster, and calls time on the free trial. We may welcome him back one day as it was a good looking service despite the volume.

Top Draw
I’m enjoying the draw service so far and with 8 draws this week I bet everyone else is. The service currently sits just under 17 points up so far this month from 21 selections – impressive!

Get on the ball with Top Draw here.

You can join the above free services here

Goal Force (automated football bot)
Three winners this week but not many bets either. The FC Harrington v Real Irving bet was the most impressive. The selection came in at 2am (Ben’s prime work hours) the bot placed while everyone was sleeping and it won 3 minutes later!

Wedge Winners
Thirteen winners this week but no real progress in his first week of premium life. Bombero a strong 10/1 winner and Walking On Glass a solid 5/1 winner at Navan. Currently sitting at 75 points profit overall and +9 for the month.

Six winners and all at high prices for high flying HRN. Reassurance a 16-point winner at Thirsk and Cruising a 6/1 2pt staked winner for 12 points profit. Rodin the final noteworthy tip at Lingfield on Friday. At 10/1 2 pts staked it hammered home 20 points of profit.

With HRN its tips 5/1 or over. Its been priced as a premium tipster to reflect its long term nature, when the losing run comes (and they always do) you need to hold steady and wait for the winners to resume. 

Join here

Razor Racing
Tipster Razor
Two winners on the Trixie the only mention this week for a struggling Razor. Snash and Cognac making banking 6 points profit. Razor currently sits at -72 and is on course for three consecutive losing months. After talks with Razor we’ve both agreed it better he steps aside at least for now, with results simply not going his way.

Tipster Aaron
Four winners for one half of the team. Nicholas T a very solid winner at 17/2 and Mythical Madness the other noteworthy selection at 9/2. Aaron sits at 0.36 points profit this month. Aaron will stay on as a solo tipster

Home Form
3 winning weekends on the spin for Home Form!
Manchester United and AS Roma both obliged for a 1-point profit on the double. 
Grab a weeks tips for a fiver, or the remainder of the season for just £35.

Clerk of the Course
It’s been a very slow month for Clerk, with not many selections to talk of at all. Nothing in the winner’s circle so far this week and here’s hoping for a better, busier July.

Cleeve RacingOne winner this week for Cleeve with Hello Youmzain the only selection on target at 9/1. Three back to back losing months and only one winning month since September 2019, the service needs to improve. 

Tipping Point
As a long term service with solid long term results, a little patience goes a long way. One winner this week with Colony Queen in the winner’s circle at 11/2. Taking it’s time getting going again with lots of no bet days (hence, exercise caution), but at less than 10 points down for the month the service has shown it can easily pump in 20+ point months and I’m not at all worried about my investment.

The Master Plan
The service has decided to put selections and subscriptions on hold until at least July.

The Final Furlong
Three winners and an improvement from our Irish only service. Wilderness at 13/8 and Illetas at 6/4 the two standout selections. Thunder Kiss was very unlucky on Friday and would have put me into profit for the month. Less of the hard luck stories eh.

How’s the results?

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So what’s to watch?
Home Form– three weekends of winners since his return and its looking good from the football tipster. More bets out this weekend so let’s hope for another good weekend 

HRN-  big priced winner week for HRN with high value throughout his six winners this week 10/1 2pts staked, 22/1 and 20/1 winners through the week. Grab a month of HRN for just £15

Winner of the Week Is
HRN once again claims tops spot with 22/1 winner Juniors Dream at Haydock on Wednesday, whopper!

A note from the author
Well the football finally came to its anti-climatic end this week. I guess at least now it’s over and we can just get over it and look forward to winning the FA Cup and a good crack at winning the Champions League (fingers firmly crossed).

Nothing much to mention on the racing front from me this week. Other than that I’ve personally been impressed by HRN and his continued success this month. It’s not easy tipping an average of around 10 horses a day but he’s more than smashed it and definitely one to follow.
Looking forward to the Irish 2000 Guineas (yesterday, but I write this on Friday). Will update next week.

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Enjoy Your Sunday.


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