The Sunday Supplement – 21/06/20

Peter from Best Betting Review has sent me an update on his reviews this week also..

It’s good to be back for our bi-weekly look at the scene outside the world of PuntHub. Most of the services we were reviewing on Best Betting Review have returned, with some appearing to think there has been nothing to warrant any revision of their thinking. The professional ones have trodden very carefully and as you will be aware the large number of outsiders winning has justified this approach.

We have started some new reviews as well and it would have been more but for an inability of some services to respond. Always a worrying sign if this happens so look out for and avoid In Form Racing and Over Priced Winners. Even more of a worry is the blanket marketing being undertaken by 7Bets4Free which has a very dubious track record despite the claims made. Avoid like the plague!!

And you would think that the lower volume of racing would have given time for the information services to make sure they are all up to date but Betfair and Timeform seem to have done just the opposite. I have seen complaints from developers that Betfair have moved the goalposts without telling them and there have certainly been a fair number of outages recently. Timeform continue to consider they are the top class at offering results but frankly were it not for the need to consult them to get BSP information they would not see the light of my desktop.

Now you may be worried that you will not have so much time now that it is apparently safe to venture out again so how about a bot that identifies and places footy bets for you using your Bet365 account?

I have just started our review of this product – Goal Force – which is very easy to set up and has shown some promising results since it went live in January this year. Once set up all you have to do is leave your device operative. Simples!

Until next time – Peter

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