The Sunday Supplement – 21/06/20

Onwards with our weekly overview.

On The Level
Ten winners and some progress finally this week. Lord North a 10/1 winner and Fujiara Prince a 9/2 2pt staked winner both of which at a very tough Ascot. The service currently sits around 10 points down but hopefully has now turned in the right direction after a poor start.

Taylor Made
The service has decided to put selections on hold until at least July.

Eye For Info
No bets this week, I’d love to see some action but you can’t force these things.

Wedge Winners
A massive 50/1 BOG winner for Wedge winners closed out the trial in absolute style. Soaring Monarch hit the target at Limerick and produced a huge profit for the day. Its not often that a 50/1 tip goes in!  
The Trial is closed now and you can join here

High Five
The service has since decided to put selections on hold until at least July.

High Voltage
The service has since decided to put selections on hold until at least July.

Top Draw
Returned this week with 6 selections and 4 ended in a draw so things look good so far, albeit very early days. I’m following to £1 stakes to see how they get on. Get on the ball with Top Draw Here.

You can join the above free services here

Goal Force (automated football bot)Loads of in play selections over the week and I count about 25 or so winners since last weekend. Despite that its slipped a little in terms of profit for the month at 8.78 points at the last time of writing. 

Make profit while you work & sleep with the Goalforce automated botJune restart offer: £27 for the remainder of June (£45 per month usually)
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Ten winners, a handful of winning days’ mid week and a 50/1 BOG whopper for HRN. Peachey Carnehan at 12/1 and Bluebell Time at 11/1 the worthiest of a mention in a week that saw a massive twenty-two selections in one day.
Soaring Monarch was a massive 50/1 at Limerick and the selection hit the target at dropped in a huge 50-point profit for followers. I bet everyone that’s joined this week were well chuffed!

Two more winners were smashed in on Friday with Rock On Seamie on target at 22/1 at Tipperary and then Dalvey followed on to wrap the week up with a 9/1 winner and a guaranteed 25 points profit at the time of writing.

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Razor Racing
A bit of a tale of two halves really. One tipster doing well while the other struggles to find form again in these uncertain times. Four winners and a profit on the Trixie this week, Presidential at 13/2 and Molatham a 7/1 12.6 point winner both worthy of a mention, while Well Of Wisdom & Solid Stone the two winners in the Trixie.

Home Form
A return last weekend and a winning multiple to kick things back off. Bayern Munich, Trencin and Klagenfurt all on target for a 7-point profit. 
The midweek double also came in with Liefering winning to put two back to back winning bets in the bag.

Loving it!

Clerk of the Course
No bets this week so nothing to discuss.

Cleeve Racing
Just one winner with Mubtasimah the only selection able to hit the target at 13/2. Another one struggling with the unknowns.

Tipping Point
Two winners marking the return to service for Tipping Point. Seneca Chief and Ginger Max the two selections in the winner’s circle as tipping point looks to return to normal winning service once again. Really glad to this the service back and especially glad to see some winners. Fingers crossed he reach peak form like he was in prior to the break. – A service to follow in my opinion.

The Master Plan
The service has decided to put selections and subscriptions on hold until at least July.

The Final Furlong
Ancient Spirit provided his first winner since the return of Irish Racing and 3.5 points profit in the bank at 7/2. Disappointed not to have a couple more but it’s early doors in the flat season so playing steady.

How’s the results?

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So what’s to watch?

HRN-  Absolutely smashing it this month with a whopping 63 points profit to show for it. 50/1 and 22/1 winners the tip-of a huge iceberg that HRN nor his ever growing list of followers will ever want to melt. HRN is absolutely in form this month and you don’t want to miss out! 
Grab a month of HRN for just £15

Wedge Winners- Migrating to a premium service this week off the back of a big 50/1 winner and four profitable months out of five. Were giving Sunday supplement readers a little discount- click the link here and get a month of wedges for just £20

Home Form- Returned strong with two multiples and two winners. The former producing a solid 7.37-point return. Hopefully its not commentators curse and the good form continues!

Winner of the Week Is- HRN & Wedge Winners shut out WOTW with join 50/1 winner Soaring Monarch at Limerick.

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