The Sunday Supplement 06/06/20

Good Morning!
Welcome to The Sunday Supplement by PuntHub. 

It’s been a long lockdown and the announcement of the resumption of racing was welcomed. However, this length of break has never been enforced on and whilst there’s action, we urge caution with your staking as at the moment racing is at its most volatile.

I think this week has already proved that the next couple of weeks could throw up some shock results while racing settles back down.

Please also note that two paper tests have been added to the results sheet. We do not advise you follow them with real money and we are not putting selections out. This simply makes it easier for us to pre-test these guys before a potential public trial.

Onwards with our weekly overview..

On The Level
A couple of bets since racing resumed but no winners in the bag yet. At -32 overall they need to start coming soon or it’ll be a short lived trial.

Taylor Made
The service has decided to put selections on hold until at least July. No winners so far in June.

Eye For Info
No bets this week

Wedge Winners
Enjoying the return to racing with 4/1, 9/2 and 15/8 winners all of which coming on the same day. Been nothing else since but WW the only service to see winners on what’s been the strangest week of racing I’ve ever seen.

High Five
No bets this week and another service also on hold for the time being.

High Voltage
Been back in action this week but nothing on target so far. The service has since decided to put selections on hold until at least July.

You can join the above free services here

Goal Force (automated football bot)
No bets until more leagues restart

Returned to action on the first day of racing and hasn’t yet had a winner this week. 

Razor Racing
One half of the Razor duo have been betting and so far there’s nothing to show. One half of the double did land at Kempton but Fifth Position couldn’t convert at Newcastle.

Home Form
Also holding off until more leagues restart.

Clerk of the Course
Two winners this week for clerk. Brunch the first selection in the winner’s circle at Newcastle at 7/4. Ricetta the other selection on target at Newmarket on Friday at 13/8.

Cleeve Racing
One bet so far with the Cleeve team urging caution as racing resumes, the selection finishing unplaced.

Tipping Point
No bets so far in June. The service has decided to put selections and subscriptions on hold until at least July.

The Master Plan
TMP starting to send selections once more but nothing in the winner’s circle so far. The service has decided to put selections and subscriptions on hold until at least July.

The Final Furlong
Racing resumes Monday in Ireland so will be covered next week.

How’s the results?

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So what’s to watch?

Wedge Winners
Three winners this week kick WW off the way everyone would’ve wanted. 4/1, 9/2 and 15/2 winners very much welcomed.

Clerk of the course– Two winners this week, Brunch at 7/4 and Ricetta at 13/8 providing a bit of cheer on what’s been a strange week of racing.

Winner of the Week Is- 
With winners very thin on the ground and most services deciding to hold fire its not really appropriate to pick a WOTW. This will change as more services return and the competitive nature of WOTW returns.

A note from the authorJust a quick note from me upon return. It isn’t easy writing the supplement when several services are yet to return and for the most part it’s been a losing week. Credit to those who have put the service and it’s customers first in saying I won’t bet if I can’t be sure it’s working. A system based on stats that has no stats to go by could be lethal. It isn’t about the money for them it’s about providing a winning system.

Remember to keep stakes sensible and let’s analyse after a month where services are at, given its been 5 days of racing I’m not looking at the results with any substance.

At PuntHub we love feedback – so please let us know what you think by replying to this email!If you’d rather it be anonymous you can use the contact form. I promise we don’t bite.
Enjoy Your Sunday.


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