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It’s already March and we have a new service, or should I say VOICE, joining our Casting Couch. Read below to find out a bit more about the service, including todays selections & podcast.

As requested a bit about what I do and how the podcast came about.

On The Level was inaugurated back in 2017 when based as an online subscription service via a website link. The site was doing well, however the time consumption of writing up the selections were taking several hours and was taking its toll. In March 2018 I decided a different angle was the way going forward and stumbled on soundcloud which I could record my selections and still give a full analyses, this dropped my time consumption by 75%.

So how does the podcast work, I do not tend to tip every day. When I see a meeting that money can be made then I record my selections via soundcloud as a podcast, then the podcasts are sent to an email, whaatsaap, viber, messenger what ever platform you prefer to recieve the podcast. I class myself as an racing analyses more than a tipster. Over the years I have been able to bring constant profit to members just by able to decipher a race, I also use my own ratings around the handicapping and BHA Ratings and tend to find winners from this method.

On The Level since 2017 has returned over 500pts a year profit based on a £10 a point staking plan, I do not become competitive as I find that can cloud my judgement, all the input into the podcast is done solely by me, no gimmicks or platforms used, just hard work.

Listen to the podcast here

Todays Selections:

14.00 – Barrington Court (2pt Win @ 15/8)
14.30 – Rosey’s Hollow (1/2pt each way @ 6/1)
15.05 – Listen Dear (2pt Win @ 2/1)
16.10 – Batcio (2pt Win @ 13/8)
16.40 – Tikksnen Express (1/2pt each way @ 6/1)

14.50 – Ninth Wave (1/2pt each way @ 8/1)
15.25 – Lies About Milan (1pt Win @ 3/1)
15.55 – Big Time Beny (1/2pt each way @ 12/1)
16.30 – Chief Brody (1pt Win @ 4/1)
17.00 – Whiteoak Fleir (1pt Win @ 3/1

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