Long Term Consistency the Key to Success

I’ve always said that long term consistency is the key to any tipster or punters success.

The Master Plan gives us just that. 

It was always going to be the case. Here we are in February and were back talking about The Master Plan being back in profit. His February is looking good at 12.50 points up so far for this month after a disappointing January. 

That’s a tidy £125 profit to £10 stakes so far this month. 

Two Winners and two back to back days of profit for Friday and Saturday- business as usual then?

Major Power a 4/1 winner at Dundalk on Friday. Echo Watt followed up on Saturday with another 4/1 at Uttoxeter from his only bet on Saturday. 

But January and February are merely a small part of this story. The Master Plan, who started his trial right back in September of 2018, has gone on to become one of the most consistent tipsters I have ever seen in my 10+ years of betting. 

Full results below-

You can see why the above results coin the name ‘The Master Plan’. 

So what keeps the service so consistent and profitable? 

The Master Plan is a system based tipping service that changes month to month to keep the system fresh, relevant, and most of all profitable. Losing months can and will happen, it is the nature of the beast – But 8 back-to-back winning months at advised, obtainable prices keeps the system in healthy profit for when months like January come back around.

I would advise a very minimum 50 points bank, based on a highest drawdown of 31.8 in 2019 as of mid December. 70 points would be a good bit safer but I understand people don’t always have that kind of cash to hand. £700 starting bank based on £10 per bet.

How and when do I get the bets? 

Bets are sent out the evening before racing, with some occasional added selection on the morning of racing depending on the non-runners. They’re sent out via email and via telegram messenger around 6-8pm most evenings, sometimes later on a Friday. 

Joining is easy, you can either join monthly with your first month half price (usual price £30 per month) or you can join Quarterly (£70) and get the best long term deal (advised for the serious bettors). 

Join below

Monthly, £15 first month, then £30 per month thereafter

Or Join quarterly for £70 (best value)

Read more about The Master Plan

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