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A revamp of our website brings us out from the Darkness and into the light (previously very black, now nice and light) and also brings with it a few new features. If you haven’t familiarised yourself with the website already, please do take a look and provide us with any feedback you may have. 

In other news, a cracking January for a couple of tipsters, plenty to talk about the last few days especially. After 4 months HRN has done more than enough to pass our test and becomes the latest service to join the successful bunch of tipsters we are proud to offer at PuntHub. 

Let’s crack on with the rest of it-

 Eye For Info
No bets this week- 100% strike rate for January though with 1 bet 1 winner at 2/1.

Wedge Winners
Eight winners this week and some solid ground gained this this time around. Theos Charm and Neachells Bridge were 11/2 and 4/1 winners respectively at Uttoxeter on Saturday and are both well worthy of a mention. WW has had a good month with 17.53 points profit adding to a good December profit making it two winning months on the bounce.

The service now stands at +36 points profit with just under a 17% ROI. Solid and worthwhile following.

Forecasted Losers
Steady as she goes once again with no winners this week and plenty of losers to push FL deeper into the profit.  12 bets so far without a winner and he’ll be looking to keep that going. 17 points up and looking good once again. Hopefully no slip ups through February and the service will be looking really strong.

Patience has really paid off for followers of HRN. After a tough start to the month he’s turned it around and then some! Three winners this week and an 11-point profit with The Hollow Ginge a 5/1 winner at 2pts staked returning 10 points profit for followers. Three Is Company also worthy of a mention whom of which was on target at Limerick at 11/1 but a 60p R4 neutralised the chances of a big profit. Still added 4.4 points to his 78.96 point overall.

His trial ended on Friday with the service moving over to the successful candidates, it’s absolutely worth adding to your portfolio at just £15 per month. A bargain for a service this good. Our HRN early-bird offer ends Sunday evening so if you’re on the fence, now’s the time to get off it and get on HRN. 
Read more about the service and join here.

PR Racing
Just two winners this week and 30 points down for the month. Very much living off one big month and I for one am very glad we didn’t just cash in like other platforms would.  The objective is long term profits for our devoted followers, not a quick cash grab from a pitchy service. We’ll continue with the service for February in hope of a longer-term profit. 5 HighAnother service doing much better after a really rough start to the month. Four winners on the board for the service and both Critical Thinking (5/1) and Kwela (6/1) hit the target under the lights at Wolverhampton midweek and contributed 12.5 points to his bottom line. The service now has an email list so if you’d like to receive your tips via email, join here. Looks like the right time to be getting on board!

High Voltage
Time hasn’t done HV any favours though with the patchy form continuing all month. Two winners not really doing much to Wipe away the 30+ point losses and aren’t really worthy of a mention. Worth noting that similar systems performed poorly in January so hopefully gets going in Feb.

You can join the above free services here

Razor Racing
Four winners this week and a winner of the week shout from Razor’s tips. Knockabout Queen (13/2) and Sandridge Lad worthy of a mention but both are overshadowed by the big 18/1 21.6-point haul when Fly True hit the target at Southwell. 
Again, Aaron hasn’t hid from his poor month and has been active in the chat group. He’s a good guy with solid results and we’re confident he will bounce back. 
You can now buy the two parts of Razor racing separately as well as one service. If you’d like to find out more then click the link here.

Home Form
No luck last week for Home form with Union Saint-Gilloise and Atletico Madrid failing to win their respective matches. Some of the doubles returned a little profit though to offset the 11 points staked.

Clerk of the Course
Just one winner this week but what a monster it was! The Eagles Nest was on target at a massive 22/1 at Southwell for 22 points profit from a single bet. Don’t think there’s any doubt of a month end profit with 50.60 points profit from just 49 staked He’ll easily be back on the books as a paid service for February, you can join here for just £20 and if he doesn’t turn a profit in February then March is free!

Cleeve Racing
Just one winner to speak of for the Marmite service. It was well worth it though with Back On The Lash on target a very strong 12/1. Hopefully the service springs to life in time for Cheltenham where they will certainly be busy.

Tipping Point
Just Two winners to speak of this week with Passing Nod the first tip on target at 5/2.  Getaway North was in the winner’s circle for winner no.2 at 11/4. Another service that had a very poor January, but that doesn’t define the service, and a good service it is.

The Master Plan
Four winners and a slight step in the right direction this week. Its been a tough month for Master plan and the author very curiously refunded 40% of the subscription cost to active members as a thank you for sticking with the service long term.

Exit Poll (9/2) Neachells Bridge (9/2) and Spirit Power (4/1) all landed on Saturday to produce a good day’s profit for his followers. Rounded the month off with a 12/1 winner at Dodgy Dundalk on Friday evening and finished the month just -17. If 2020 is half as good as 2019 was I’ll happily take -17 in January. And I’ve no doubts it will be.

The Final Furlong
One bet but no winners this week. Quality action with the Dublin Racing Festival this weekend so hopefully get going for 2020 then.

Pay Per Profit
A winner and Two places for the 8th round this week. Santini the selection on target at Cheltenham. Still sitting around -50 so a long way to go before it gets any plaudits from me.

Classic Racing Gold
Place and a winner for Classic that puts him back within a sniff of a profit. Bajan Excell was the winner at 7/4 at limerick. Momus worth a mention missing out and finishing second at 10/1.

How’s the results?

So what’s to watch?

HRN- Another service that had a rough start but since turned the month around and has done nothing but go from strength to strength. Cristal Spirit was the 25/1 winner and the catalyst for his month that has since seen him go on to wrack up a very solid 46.90 points profit from 86 staked. His service goes paid in February and you can find out more here.

Clerk- Been a pretty sensational month for him after a rough December. 50.60 points profit January easily saw him back as a paid service for February. You can get involved with his service here. Its £20 one off payment and if he doesn’t make a profit in February then March is free.

Five High- After a rough start to the month the service has come on really strong, its overturned its losses and is now showing a rather comfortable 19 points profit for the month. The list is now available to join, you can get on board here and receive his free trial.

Winner of the Week Is- It was a shootout between Clerk and Razor but this week top spot goes to The Clerk of the Course with his massive 22/1 winner The Eagles Nest first past the post at Southwell landing followers a massive 22 points profit!

Peter, from Best Betting Review will be back next week 

Until next timePeter

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