Daily Racing Brief Review – Introduction

Welcome to my review of Daily Racing Brief, a service by Joe Thorpe who is part of the Sportsworld Publishing stable of tipster services. If you aren’t familiar with Sportsworld Publishing you can check them out here.

Joe, who claims to have worked in and around the industry for almost 30 years, has so far achieved a profit of 596 points (8/3/19) to date with results stretching right back to May in 2016. It’s fair to say not many tipsters have been around that long so credit to his testament.

So what can we expect to see throughout our 3 month review?

Sportsworld had this to say about Joe – ”
I worked in the industry for almost 30 years, in that time I worked with Coral in England, Terry Rogers who was one of the biggest independent bookies in Ireland, and Victor Chandler. While with Terry Rogers I arranged screen displays and formed books on various markets, during this time I learned to read how the markets were working and from this I form my Movers list, called my Racing Brief . At the moment I have 2 horses on the list each day, depending on the days racing this may change to 3, the reason for that is from my experience, 30 years in the betting industry, I firmly believe that no matter how well informed or whatever means you have for information, no horse is a certainty. However I’ve used the way I select horses for many years, and really I believe a 50% strike rate is realistic. I always aim for more, but to play it safe I work that way. I try and select horses which will ensure one winner will at least cover the day’s stake. “

With that introduction out of the way, lets get to business.

Starting bank: Not advised, so I’ll use a hypothetical 100 point bank.
Bets per day: 2-3 per day.
Timing of bets: Website states between 10pm and 2am.
Prices used: Bets are quoted with best odds bookmakers.
Profit claimed: In excess of £53,000 at £100 stakes (at the time of writing on their website)

Given the time of arrival of bets it’s highly unlikely I will be awake in those hours to capture and place bets. As I wish to give the best possible picture of any service I review I will be looking at (and recording) the following:

Advised price at time of email
Bookmakers advised
Price availability at 8am
Best odds guaranteed profit
Betfair SP profit
Strike rate
Return on Investment

I’m certainly excited to get started! I’ll be back in a month to produce my first update on Joe’s Daily Racing Brief.

That’s all for now,
David – Best Betting Review.

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